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Colorado Hike - Low Pass Gulch In Chaffee County

A Nature Hike In The Mountains East of Granite, Colorado - June 19, 2010

Low Pass Gulch - Chaffee County, Colorado
Today I enjoyed a Saturday morning nature hike - a laid-back walk in a gulch lush with greenery, at least for Colorado standards. Low Pass Gulch is not well-visited, and the only directions I will give is it's east of Granite, Colorado. You'll see it on your topographical map.
Low Pass Gulch, CO
Special thanks to Kent and Kim and their three dogs Nye, Shim and Scooby. We all had a good and relaxing time in the mountains.
Colorado Hike
Hiking into the gulch.
Colorado Scenery
Mountain scenery to the west.

Beavers have been working hard in this wilderness area. Amazing to see a large tree like this knocked down due to beavers!
Colorado Forest
A beautiful hike in the forest. This section of trail reminded me of northwest Arkansas or the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey.
Buffalo Peaks Wilderness
We only hiked approximately 1.5 miles, and turned back at this sign, the beginning of the Buffalo Peaks Wilderness. This trail eventually leads to Low Pass, a section of the divide the seperates Park County and Chaffee County, and the watersheds of the Platte River and Arkansas River respectively.
Colorado Fishing
Kim brought her fishing rod and caught four fish that we had for lunch later in the day! :)
Colorado Fishing
Kim holds her prize, a cut throat trout.
Colorado Rocky Mountains
Another view of the Rocky Mountains to the west.

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Back at the truck after our hike. You can't beat living in the mountains! :)

Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook: ColoradoGuy.com Fan Page - Twitter: @SteveGarufi.