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Serpents Trail In Colorado National Monument

1.75 Mile Hike (One Way) On What Was The Main Road Until 1950; Beautiful Red Rock Scenery

A hike that once was known as "The Crookedest Road In The World" ...
The Serpents Trail is a relatively easy hike (1.75 miles one way) near the west entrance in Colorado National Monument. It would be an excellent hiking choice for those in Grand Junction who want a quick hike or desire to exercise. The trail is wider than usual being that it was once a road, and it provides great views of red rock structures, nearby canyons and the city of Grand Junction. Below are my photos and videos of my hike.

Serpents Trail
You'll certainly notice this odd-shaped rock beside the trail. It should have its own name. :)

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Serpents Trail Colorado


October 2012 - The trailhead for the Serpents Trail.
Serpents Trail Old Photo Near the beginning is a sign with photos of the old road, which was the main road in the first half of the 20th Century.
Serpents Trail, CO Headed up the trail, there are plenty of interesting red rocks.
Fall Foliage Not sure of the name of that mountain, but I'll update this page if I learn it.

Love the fall colors on those trees!

Rim Rock Drive The view of Rim Rock Drive from an overlook.
Serpents Trail Overlook

The Serpents Trail twists and turns in about 20 switchbacks.

At a higher overlook, this is the view of Rim Rock Drive. The steep vertical cliff at the edge was quite unnerving. I got close to the edge and hung my camera out to photograph the straight vertical drop. Eeesh!

Video #3 shows more of the scenery from this spot.

Serpents Trail Colorado Another red rock formation.
Across the canyon to the right.
Serpents Trail, CO Nearing the end of the trail, this is the beautiful view to the east. The city of Grand Junction and Mount Garfield are way out there.
Serpents Trail

Rimrock Drive

The trail goes over the tunnel and finishes at a sharp switchback for Rim Rock Drive. It can be feel anti-climatic to arrive to see park vistiors driving noisy cars and trucks on the paved road, but hey, the Serpents Trail was the old road after all.

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  • Steve My mountain boots have given me problems of late, and so I hiked in my sandals. And I went all out in sexiness ... black socks with my sandals! :)

    The lower trail.

    Quite an interesting rock!

    Vertical cliffs like these scare me.

    Final steps to the top.

    More scenery.

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