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Fruita and Grand Junction's Pride and Joy
If you're visiting Fruita or Grand Junction, Colorado National Monument is probably on your list of things to do. With its deep canyons, layered orange rock walls and unique rock structures, Colorado National Monument gives you a small taste of what you'll see if you explore southern Utah, especially Moab.

Now, if you only have a day to spend around Colorado National Monument, I recommend the following: Otto's Trail (short 0.5 mile trail that leads to a spectacular overlook), Grand View and a stop at the Visitor Center. Also, the overlooks by the Grand Junction entrance such as Cold Shivers Point and the Lower Ute Canyon View are worth your time. If you want a semi-rigorous hike, the 0.75 mile trail (one way) to Devils Kitchen is excellent, and the Monument Canyon Trail, which leads to the base of Independence Monument, is also a good one.

Colorado National Monument
The beautiful view of Independence Monument from the edge of Otto's Trail.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube


Biking in Colorado National Monument - Rim Rock Drive, 23 miles long, offers excellent road biking opportunities.
Alcove Nature Trail - An easy 0.5 mile hike near the visitor center that leads to an interesting rock room.
Lizard Canyon Lizard Canyon - Located between Wedding Canyon and Fruita Canyon in Colorado National Monument. There is no trail, but don't let that stop you.
Echo Canyon Trail - Another excellent and moderate hike (1.3 miles one way) in Colorado National Monument.
Coke Ovens Trail Coke Ovens Trail - A short 0.5 mile hike in Colorado National Monument.
Gold Star Canyon - A less visited canyon in Colorado National Monument.
Monument Canyon Trail - A hike in Colorado National Monument that leads to Independence Monument.
Devils Kitchen Colorado Devils Kitchen Trail - An excellent hike that I recommend in the Grand Junction area.
Serpents Trail Serpents Trail - A relatively easy 1.75 hike (one way) near the west entrance in Colorado National Monument.
Columbus Canyon, Colorado Cold Shivers Point - An overlook in Colorado National Monument.
The High Point - The highest natural point within the monument's boundaries is in the southern section.
Colorado National Monument Otto's Trail - Another short and easy hike in Colorado National Monument. A great place to photograph Independence Monument.
Balanced Rock Colorado National Monument Balanced Rock - My hike to the base of Balanced Rock in Fruita Canyon.
Fruita Canyon - A scenic overlook in Colorado National Monument near the west entrance.

Also, I made a page about Cleopatras Couch, which is located near the Monument Canyon View.

Canyon Rim Trail - A short and easy hike near the Colorado National Monument visitor center.
Window Rock Trail - Another short hike in Colorado National Monument with a grand overlook of Fruita and the Book Cliffs. Proximity to Window Rock is the big draw of this attraction.
Colorado National Monument - My first visit to Colorado National Monument in 2002.


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