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Colorado National Monument High Point - Point 7,131 Feet

The High Point is a Little-Visited Hill Near Little Park Road In The Southwest Section of the Monument

For you high pointing junkies ...
As you admire the beautiful red rock canyons in Colorado National Monument, you may see a sign on Rim Rock Drive that marks the highest point in the road at 6,640 feet. While that's a nice spot, it's not the high point in the entire park! For you avid high pointing enthusiasts, I found the true high point in the southern section of the park. Below are two photos from my topographical map.

My arrow points to the high point area. It is in the No Thoroughfare Canyon region and accessed from Little Park Road.

If you're traveling from DS Road, turn onto Little Park Road and park in the dirt lot as the road makes a sharp bend to the right. (It is at the spot where the scenic view of No Thoroughfare Canyon comes into view.) Hike a few tenths of a mile to the northwest to two points. If I had to guess, I'd say the right point is the highest in elevation at 7,131 feet.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

No Thoroughfare Canyon

Little Park Road


Park on the large dirt lot on the left -- at the spot where the beautiful view of No Thoroughfare Canyon comes into view. If you pass milemarker 1, you have gone too far.

Adjacent are two photos of the scenery. The second photo shows the gravel lot on the left.

The good thing about this section of Colorado National Monument is that the park's boundaries have a barbed wire fence.

There are a few spots where one can hop over the fence.

Forest Once over the fence, it is a short hike to the northwest. There is a distinct ascent.

You can also walk along the barbed wire fence if you like.

Within minutes, I made it to the park boundary. What I was looking at in the top photo was the southeast quandrant. The other 270 degrees are either private property or part of the Bureau of Land Management.

This spot was certainly higher than everywhere else I hiked, but I sensed that if I walked on the boundary, there could be a higher point. And so I walked.

Every so often, there are National Park Service signs on the fence.

Colorado National Monument High Point And then I reached a point, approximately 100 feet from the first area, that had a perceptible rise. One large tree had such enormous roots that it rose the ground another foot from everywhere else.

It was at this point, at approximately 7,131 feet according to my altimeter, that I believe is the Colorado National Monument High Point.

This high point reminded me of the Connecticut High Point, which is on the south slope of Mount Frissell and right on the Connecticut / Massachusetts state line. It seems like an arbitrary location for sure.

Forest Scenery Pretty junipers and pinions among the hills.

I walked farther east beside the fence and had clearly descended, when I spotted this marker.

You could conceivably walk in this general direction and hit the trail that runs on the north rim of No Thoroughfare Canyon.


So happy to be above EVERYBODY in Colorado National Monument! :)

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