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Gold Star Canyon In Colorado National Monument

A less-visited place in Colorado National Monument ...
The trailhead for Gold Star Canyon is located on South Broadway in the Redlands area of Grand Junction. It is approximately 1.5 miles (one way) to reach the heart of the box canyon.
Devils Kitchen in Colorado National Monument
The red rock scenery abounds in Gold Star Canyon.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Gold Star Canyon, CO


November 3, 2012 - The trail ascends steeply at the beginning, until you reach the upper floor of the canyon.

Here's one shot of the dramatic view of Grand Junction with Mt. Garfield afar on the right.

Gold Star Canyon Trail Upward on the trail.
Red rock structures to the north.
On the right are the most stunning red rock walls. Notice the three indentations that appear to be future arches and/or bridges in the making. I wonder if that's so. :)
Gold Star Canyon On the other side of the canyon.
Gold Star Canyon All in all, this was an enjoyable hike. The steep section at the beginning was a great workout, and the lack of crowds was pleasant.

However, if I had to rank this hike, I'd put it below the Monument Canyon Trail and Echo Canyon Trail. I'd also say the Serpents Trail would get a edge, albeit a slight one, over this as well. Nothing "wowwed" me inside Gold Star Canyon. At the trailhead, a sign implied that Native petroglyphs can be found. That might be an interesting draw for some. Also, those "potential arches" in the photo twice above is worthy of exploration. Any geologists out there? Let's hike up to the base of them and check it out! :)

Gold Star Canyon, Colorado

The tall burnt orange rock wall on the north side of the canyon was so pretty.

Inside the canyon, the trail turns counterclockwise and runs on the south side of the canyon. According to my map, it continues southeast on "The Bench" and eventually comes down after connecting with the Liberty Cap Trail ... but that's miles away.

Steve An awful photo of me.

I appreciated my orange Powerade. :)

Tree An old tree caught my eye during my return.

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Showing you Gold Star Canyon.

Future arches? Maybe.

Nothing beats the peace, solitude and scenery.

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