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Cleopatras Couch In Colorado National Monument

Cleopatra's Couch
I'll be the first to admit: This rock scares me. Others who have written about this rock structure have said it's an easy climb and great for kids, but I beg to differ. Anyway, when I do reach the top, I'll update this page, but in the meantime, enjoy my photos. :)

Cleopatras Couch, Colorado
The view of Cleopatras Couch from Rim Rock Drive in Colorado National Monument.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Cleopatras Couch


I got up to the second arrow area, and then fear ran through me. It's about 20-25 feet high, and a clumsily slip could lead to a fall.

Also, the rock was somewhat sloped and a little crumbly, which made my traction not good enough to feel safe. Thus, I turned back. I know ... I know ... I'm a wimp.

Cleopatras Couch, CO I did walk around it.
Cleopatras Couch in Colorado National Monument It's a pretty rock structure, no doubt.
The view of Cleopatras Couch from farther down Rim Rock Drive.
Map I'm pretty sure the National Park Service discourages people from climbing the rock, and I understand why. In fact, the rock is not marked on the brochure given to visitors. However, it is marked on my National Geographic Trails Illustrated map.

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