Bicycling In Colorado National Monument

A great place for road bikers ...
Rim Rock Drive is a paved 23 mile road that runs the course of Colorado National Monument, connecting the west entrance in Fruita and east entrance in Grand Junction. There are steep climbs once you get past either entrance; at Fruita, the elevation 4690 feet, and at Grand Junction, the elevation is 4930 feet. The highest point in the road (closer to Grand Junction) is 6640 feet, and the visitor center (four miles from the Fruita entrance) is 5787 feet.

As a road bicyclist, I do recommend that you enjoy Colorado National Monument by bike. Although the road doesn't have much shoulder, traffic is relaxed. Drivers seem respectful and hardly in a rush, and in fact, many are tourists who cruise slowly to take in the scenery. The fact that they charge $10 for admission for a car and $5 for bicycles certainly eases traffic. Also, if you bike on a weekday or when weather is far-from-pleasant, expect less user conflict.

NOTE: There are three tunnels in the park, and the national park service requires that you have two bike lights (front and back) illuminating while riding through them. It may be "hit or miss" on whether that rule is enforced, but you've been warned.

Colorado National Monument
My bike beside the Colorado National Monument sign. Happy cycling, friends!

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Balanced Rock in Colorado National Monument


Consider this page a work-in-progress. More updates, photos and videos will be posted as I keep biking through Colorado National Monument. :)

Adjacent photo: My Trek 1.2 road bike at the Balanced Rock viewpoint.

Rim Rock Drive Rim Rock Drive as I worked up Fruita Canyon.
Bicycle in Colorado National Monument Resting at the Upper Monument Canyon Trailhead. The Coke Ovens are in the background.


Lots of huffing and puffing! :)

Arrival at the Redlands View.

Biking to Balanced Rock.

Sunny morning ride past the visitor center.

Continuing to Otto's Trail.

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