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Balanced Rock In Colorado National Monument

My Short and Steep Hike To the Base of Balanced Rock In Fruita Canyon

Nothing beats a balanced rock in a large red rock canyon ...
This is my tribute page to Balanced Rock, a feature near the west entrance of Colorado National Monument outside Fruita. Sure, there are many rock structures named "balanced rock" throughout the western USA, but this one deserves recognition. Often first-time visitors to Colorado National Monument feel compelled to snap a photo ... for good reason!

In the photo gallery below, I include my photos and videos of my short hike to the base of Balanced Rock.

Balanced Rock
Balanced Rock stands as a sentinel on the south side of Fruita Canyon.

Fruita Canyon and Balanced Rock
A photo from the Fruita Canyon View observation area. Balanced Rock is on the right.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Balanced Rock Sign

An informative sign about the formation of Balanced Rock.

As with any of these photos, click the thumbnail to view it at a larger size.

Balanced Rock This is the common view of Balanced Rock from the pull out on Rim Rock Drive.
Balanced Rock Balanced Rock Colorado National Monument

My Hike To Balanced Rock

October 1, 2012 - I parked at the Balanced Rock pull out and hiked up the south side of Fruita Canyon.

There seemed to be a social trail that led part of the way toward the rock. Although I wouldn't characterize my hike as dangerous, there was definitely enough things to scare away the casual visitor. What I did is not for the faint of heart. Some scrambling was required, I got scratched pretty badly by a few thorny brushes and a two steep sections required extra care and good footing. If you go, you shouldn't go alone. Use your mind and be prepared.

Adjacent: Two photos of Balanced Rock as I worked toward the canyon wall.

Colorado National Monument Looking across Fruita Canyon with Rim Rock Drive below.
Balanced Rock in Colorado

Balanced Rock Colorado National Monument

I made it below Balanced Rock in about 10 or 15 minutes.

Desert Bighorn Sheep To the right of Balanced Rock was a bighorn sheep. So majestic!
At one point, it appeared difficult to climb up the vertical, but then I saw this metal stake that was handy for lifting myself!
Balanced Rock Colorado National Monument Balanced Rock Colorado National Monument Above the stake, it is a short walk to the base of Balanced Rock.

Adjacent are my photos facing up to it.

Fruita Canyon Standing beside Balanced Rock, this was my view facing down toward the main switchback in Rim Rock Drive.
Steve Yours truly. The excursion was well worth the effort. :)


Hiking my way up.

Breathtaking view of the canyon.

At the base of Balanced Rock.

Back down.

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