"Colorado Mountain" - Hike In Chaffee County, CO

My Hike Of An Unnamed Mountain Overlooking Clear Creek Reservoir - May 20, 2010

Clear Creek Reservoir, CO

My hiking of unnamed mountain points off Highway 24 in Chaffee County continues! Today I climbed a peak (9,950' at the summit) that stands prominently to the east of Highway 24 and the Arkansas River. Directly below are three photos that show different vantage points of it. For now, I am calling this mountain a very generic name: "Colorado Mountain." :)

Directions: My hike came from the NNE side of the mountain. I traveled to Granite, CO, and drove east of Chaffee County Road 396 for approximately 0.5 miles. Then I turned right (south) onto County Road 380, which my map refers to as Sawmill Gulch Road. I drove on Sawmill Gulch Road, parked at Kellog Gulch and began my hike. I walked farther on the road and turned toward "Colorado Mountain" as I came from its backside. There is no trail. Note: This hike is definitely not for beginners. And while you have no business being far in the mountains without a map in any circumstance, it is even moreso with this hike.

See the adjacent photo? That's the beautiful view of Clear Creek Reservoir and the canyon leading to Vicksburg and Winfield. This is a scenic spot for sure! :)

Buena Vista, Colorado

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"Colorado Mountain" - Chaffee County, Colorado
Past the Numbers River Rafting Access Point on the Arkansas River, Highway 24 twists and turns as it approaches Clear Creek Reservoir. "Colorado Mountain" is the triangular shaped peak above. This southeast slope is extremely steep.

Another view of "Colorado Mountain" from the junction of Chaffee County Road 390 and Highway 24. The right peak is the summit.

This is a pretty shot of "Colorado Mountain" from "Scenic Mountain Point" - a rocky point approximately 0.75 miles south. I climbed this point three weeks earlier; it was this view that inspired me to summit the mountain. :)

Granite, CO Traveling east on Chaffee County Road 396 in Granite.
Colorado Scenery Continuing east.
Kellog Gulch I turned south on Sawmill Gulch Road, referred to as Chaffee County Road 380 on my map. Note there is no sign indicating this is the road. I traveled in my low clearance passenger vehicle fairly easily to Kellog Gulch (adjacent photo), but after that the road seemed rougher.
Colorado Forest
The Hike Begins

From Kellog Gulch, I hiked up the road and followed my map carefully. I reached a small pass that divides Sawmill Gulch and Kellog Gulch as seen in the adjacent photo.

Forest Then I turned up the hill. It is all forest here. I find this terrain more hazardous for becoming lost compared to being above timberline. At least one can usually see the starting point and end goal more clearly without trees.

Clear Creek Reservoir, CO

Clear Creek Reservoir, CO

"Colorado Mountain" - Elevation ~9,500 Feet

Ah look at the views! Clear Creek Reservoir is probably the biggest highlight, although the snowy mountains consisting of Colorado 12ers, 13ers and 14ers are in the background. Because the lighting to the west so so harsh, it was difficult to distinguish if Mt. Belford or Mt. Oxford (two 14ers) were in view.

Second Photo: Looking toward the Lost Canyon area.

Mt. Elbert, CO Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive to the northwest.
Galena Mountain, CO A zoom-in of Galena Mountain (alt. 12,983 feet) located west of Leadville. Lake County comprises this region.
Colorado Scenery The view to the south. See the rocky hill near the center of this photo? That's "Scenic Mountain Point." :)

Also in view is Highway 24, the Arkansas River and the railroad tracks.

To the southeast, the lighting was much nicer. Lots of green Colorado scenery. :)
Mt. Princeton Mt. Princeton was in view. Nice photo!

My climb of Mt. Princeton in 2009: Mt. Princeton Hike.

Sangre De Cristo Mountains Even the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, many miles to the south, could be seen.
Steve One token photo of myself. It was a nice afternoon to be in the outdoors.

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