Colorado Jeep Trail - Granite Burn Road (Granite, CO)

A Scenic Drive On One Of Many Jeep Trails in Colorado - May 30, 2010

Granite Burn Road - Chaffee County, Colorado
1961 Jeep CJ5
Special thanks to "Ol' Canary" - this beautiful 1961 Jeep CJ5 for performing well on a Jeep trail in north Chaffee County. This page displays my photos of our adventure in the mountains.

This beautiful shot of the Jeep and campfire was taken the night before by Kent Naegele. :)

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1961 Jeep CJ5

Driving The Jeep

There she is! This bright yellow Jeep took on the 4-wheel-drive trail with excellence!

Chaffee County Road 398 Traveling on Chaffee County Road 396 east of Granite, CO.
Kent Naegele

Kent Naegele

Adjacent were my three friends in the Jeep.

TOP: Kent was the driver. This is the same guy who was once mad at me for using his wi-fi after I learned his password. :)

SECOND: Michael and Kim in the backseat.

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  • 1961 Jeep CJ5

    1961 Jeep CJ5

    1961 Jeep CJ5

    At one point, the Jeep stalled and wouldn't start again. Kent tinkered under the hood and tightened a wire connected to the starter. Within minutes, the Jeep was running again! :)

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    THIRD PHOTO: Kent gave a thumbs up after starting the Jeep. And look at the dashboard ... my oh my, talk about simplicity.

  • Stephen drove ahead of us in a Toyota Forerunner. He transported his mountain bike to the top of the road, and cycled down, as we snapped photos of him.

    The road ends at the border of the Buffalo Peaks National Forest. An indentation of the road continues, which is open for hikers.

    TOP: Myself beside a long horizontal stretch of snow that forgot to melt this spring.

    SECOND: My friends hiking ahead of me.

    Mt. Elbert, CO
    Colorado Mountain Scenery

    Facing east with Mt. Elbert and the lakes of Twin Lakes, Colorado. So beautiful!

    Rocky Mountain Scenery The four of us. :)
    Colorado Hike According to my topographical map, the trail continued a relatively short distance to the divide that seperates Chaffee County and Park County. The ascent was marked as only 500 feet and we were close to timberline. However, our time was limited and we needed to return home.

    Adjacent is a scenic mountain shot that includes the valley that leads to Vicksburg and Winfield. Clear Creek Reservoir is the body of water on the left.

    We did not reach timberline on our short hike. However, tall mountains in the 12,000+ foot range could be seen beyond trees to the north.
    Colorado Jeep Road One photo with scenery as we drove down. What a great afternoon in the mountains! :)

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