Colorado Images

Winter Scenery Photos In And Around Buena Vista, Colorado - November 2010 thru February 2011

Colorado Photos From The 2010-2011 Winter Season
I have been terribly busy with working, finishing my book and preparing for my bike across USA trip that my Colorado photography has taken a "back seat" this winter. I apologize! Having said that, I went through many picture files taken this winter, and created this Colorado image gallery. For those who need their regular "fix" of Colorado's Rocky Mountains, here you go ...

Snowy Road
Driving along on snowy Chaffee County Road 321 on a bright and sunny afternoon. The Buffalo Peaks stand as the tallest peak, entirely covered in snow, in the distance.

Colorado Mountain
A photo of Mt. Princeton, taken from Highway 285 & 24 as one travels down from Trout Creek Pass toward Buena Vista. Oh what an imposing presence this mountain has from this vantage point!
Buena Vista Colorado
The traffic light in Buena Vista, Colorado. P.S. Are you aware my town's traffic light has a fan page on Facebook? Oh you must join!

Snowy Mountain Road
Chaffee County Road 306, which travels toward Cottonwood Pass in the Sawatch Range. On this December day, the road was covered in ice and snow. This particular spot is approximately 4.5 miles west of Buena Vista.
Colorado Wildlife
One day I drove along Chaffee County Road 337, and came upon some deer. Here's a nice shot of this critter with Sheep Mountain standing behind him. You can see some of my better wildlife photos here: Colorado wildlife photos, elk herd, bighorn sheep.

Colorado Scenery
In late December, friends from Oklahoma visited the valley and I got a shot of Dylan standing on a beautiful overlook near Fourmile Road. A variation of this picture made it on my Mt. Princeton photo website. :)
Mt. Princeton
A zoom-in of Mount Princeton. I can identify the homes of many locals friends in this shot!

Colorado Sunset
Mt. Princeton
I've photographed numerous sunsets this winter. Above is probably the best. Just look at those colors in the sky!

Videos In Buena Vista, Colorado
If you can tolerate the goofiness, there is actually some nice Colorado scenery to be enjoyed in these videos. :)

Driving on Chaffee County Road 321 on the southwestern edge of Buena Vista.

Our journey to the Midland Tunnels and Fourmile Road.