Colorado Hike - Overlook In Granite, Colorado

My Hike Of An Unnamed Mountain In North Chaffee County; Mountain Scenery Photos - May 2, 2010

Granite, Colorado

On Sunday afternoon, I was in the mood for a short hike. I desired two things: 1) Something with scenery, and 2) To stand on the summit of the mountain, no matter how small. Today's adventure would bring me to the top of a small mountain with overlooking the small town of Granite, Colorado in Chaffee County.

There is no know name for this mountain. One local said she has only known it as "The Peak"; it was what her grandparents referred to it throughout their many decades living here. However "The Peak" doesn't seem right. The term "Granite Hill" comes to mind, but what a boring and underwheling name. After all, the Colorado scenery at the top is amazing! Lastly, my topographical map did not have a name for it either. For now, I will call it "The Overlook in Granite" and "Overlook Hill."

Adjacent is a photo of the town of Granite from the summit. Only six residents live in this town year-round. It is quiet, even for Colorado standards.

Thank you for checking out my photos. I am glad to share my hike with you. Happy Trails!

Buena Vista, Colorado

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Photos of "Overlook Hill" in Granite, Colorado Granite, Colorado
The top four photos in this larger gallery were taken yesterday afternoon, when it was sunnier. Above is the view of the mountain from State Highway 24.

A closer view of the mountain. The lot in the foreground is for kayakers, rafters and boaters for access to the Arkansas River.

The mountain from the southwest. The historic Granite Schoolhouse can be seen on the far left.
Granite, CO
This photo was taken while my friend and I drove on Old Stage Road north of town.

The view of the mountain from the railroad tracks during my 60+ mile walk through Chaffee County in April 2010.

Old Stage Road
The Hike Begins

I walked on Old Stage Road, which formerly was the main thoroughfare for wagons and stagecoaches traveling between Leadville and Buena Vista.

Looking toward the highway, with the Arkansas River, train tracks and Old Stage Road all running through the canyon.
As I climbed, snow flurries were falling. The snow did not stick to the ground, but it appeared the mountains comprising of Colorado 12ers and 13ers had a fresh layer of snow.

Approaching and arriving at the overlook.

A flagpole stands at the top. Commonly a U.S. flag waves during the summer months.

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    Granite, Colorado

    Two nice views overlooking Granite, Colorado. This was once the county seat of Chaffee County in the late 19th century.
    Arkansas River, Colorado Facing southwest.
    Looking east, a new layer of snow could be seen above timberline.
    Colorado Hike A token photo of me with my Arkansas shirt. It was just another day in Rocky Mountain hiking paradise! :)

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