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Hike To Unnamed Point 9,390 Feet - Chaffee County, CO

Photos of a Journey to a Mountain Point Near Buena Vista, Colorado - October 17, 2009

Isn't it a shame when a pretty mountain does not have a name? Well the peak I hikeed today might not compare to the loftier peaks in the Sawatch Range (to the west) or have a feature that "knocks one's socks off," but I can vouch for it nonetheless! This peak, situated a few miles east of Buena Vista which I simply term "Unnamed Point 9,390 Feet," had very nice views at the top.

Directions: From Johnson Village, CO, travel east on Highway 24 & 285 and turn north at the Collegiate Peaks Overlook turn off. Approach the overlook and bear right toward Chaffee County Road 304. At another major fork, I turn right onto County Road 376A which traveled all the way to the east side of this peak. In retrospect, a 4-wheel drive vehicle is a very good idea for this road. I had no choice but to park about 1.5 miles in and walk the remaining distance on the road to the base of the peak. (As usual, this is one of those hikes where I highly recommend having a topographical map: Buena Vista & Collegiate Peaks, Colorado - Trails Illustrated Map #129, so you can figure out on your own how to best travel and navigate through the area.)


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Johnson Village, CO This pictorial begins with a photo taken from the side of the road in my vehicle in Johnson Village. The right peak with the arrow is the mountain I would climb today.

Two other noteworthy peaks are marked:
#1 - Midland Hill Summit
Midland Hill (4/07)
Midland Hill (Northeast Ridge, 1/09)
Midland Hill (3/09)

#2 Unnamed Peak 9,124 Feet
Unnamed Point 9,124' (2/09)

Two views of this peak as I traveled on Chaffee County Road 376A.
Coming closer.

Thanks to a very rugged road, I parked my vehicle on the south side of the peak and walked approximately one half mile to the east side of the peak. You might notice this side of the mountain isn't as steep as its rocky eastern and southern face shown above.

TOP: I walked to the saddle and "grunted" a short but steep portion on the north slope of the mountain.

MIDDLE: A closer view of the mountain with some pretty trees thriving along a small creek bed. It is too bad I came a few weeks too late to snap what might have been a much more colorful picture!

THIRD: Ah, but at least there was some lingering autumn color on the mountain. It wasn't much, but it was bright.

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  • Buffalo Peaks, CO
    Summit of Unnamed Point 9,390 Feet

    The view to the north which includes the Buffalo Peaks.

    Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive To the northwest north, I had a great view of Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive way up the Arkansas River Valley. :)
    Colorado Rocky Mountains To the northwest was Mt. Yale and Mt. Columbia way out there covered in snow.
    Chaffee County Mountains Facing east, the view of Mt. Princeton (left) and Mt. Yale (right) with the town of Buena Vista hidden behind Midland Hill's pinion-dotted landscape.

    Also if you look closely, Emma Burr Mountain and Jones Mountain can be identified in the middle far off.

    Mt. Princeton, CO The view to the southwest, which includes Mt. Ouray (far left), Mt. Antero (center) and Mt. Princeton (right).

    By the way, if you really love the view of Mt. Princeton, I invite you to visit my web site that includes 3.5 years of photos of the mountain:

    I walked a short distance on the peak's west side to take a look at how steep the rock face was... it was indeed steep! Adjacent is one photo of some of those large rocks as I faced south.
    Limestone Ridge, CO

    Two photos to the west, which include Limestone Ridge (alt. 10,132 feet at the highest point). Ascending that ridge will probably be my next adventure in this area. ;)

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  • Steve

    It was a nice morning for a hike.

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