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Photos, Reflections And Links From The Week-Long Colorado Event - September 2006

2006 Colorado Guy Festival You know, I am getting "used to" writing these sappy and reflective types of articles ... ;)

The 2006 Colorado Guy Festival is a once-per-year event where I invite my forum visitors (i.e. "regulars") to visit me and others for some fun, fellowship and adventure. This year's event was held during the week of Labor Day in September in the region of Chaffee County, Colorado. What a wonderful time we had! For many, this was the first opportunity to meet "regulars" in person and without question, this was the best festival in history!

I'd like to acknowledge everyone who attended: Nick and Laura (Great Britian), "Florida Pete" (South Carolina) and his Dad, Kelly (Kansas), Rhonda and Keema (Arkansas), Brandi (Kansas), Paul (Maryland), Hair Consultant Sarah (Idaho), Dave (New Mexico) and his sister, Scott, Dr. Westcot, Lars and Tote (Colorado Springs, CO), Phil (Canon City, CO), Rich and Lisa (Victor, CO) and myself (Buena Vista, CO). What a group! :p)

Special thanks must be given to Kansas Kelly. She put so much work into securing the cabin in Maysville to host many of us. She organized food, other details and made attractive brochures for all attendees. Kelly even made amazing CD's with hundreds of photos from the event! Thank you Kansas Kelly for making this the best festival ever!

Here are links to pages that show most of the things we did: 1) Cottonwood Pass, 2) the Web Cam, 3) the Cabin, 4) the Sunday Barbeque, 5) Berthoud Pass, 6) Rocky Mountain National Park, 7) Eating in Estes Park, 8) Meeting Dave in Ouray, 9) Gunnison County, 10) my Radio Interview with Nick, 11) Sonic, 12) Miniature Golf, 13) Independence Pass, 14) the Festival Cake ... two weeks later and 15) the Florida Pete page.

As for the 2007 Colorado Guy Festival, we have no idea where or when it will take place. There is a collective sense among some that it will transpire in a different geographical location, and the following regions have been suggested and/or discussed: Southwest Colorado, Arizona (Flagstaff or Tucson), Kansas City and Northwest Wyoming. Stay tuned! -Steve :)

Extra Photos From The 2006 Colorado Guy Festival
Colorado Border Line The excitement began when Kansas Kelly brought Rhonda and Keema from Arkansas (left) to Colorado. I love this photo! By the way, I have a photo of myself at this particular point when I bicycled across Colorado in 2003. ;)
Nick and Laura flew in from Great Britian and Kelly, Keema, Rhonda, Nick and Laura visited me at my place in Buena Vista. Adjacent Photo: Paul, Kelly and my feet make an appearnce on the web cam on Friday. :)

Festival Link:
Festival attendees on the web cam
Cottonwood Pass Before arriving at the cabin in Maysville, we made a quick excursion to Cottonwood Pass to take in the views! :)

Festival Link:
Cottonwood Pass Visit
Nick Hughes Upon entering the cabin that would act as the "headquarters" for the festivities, we all seemed in awe of how beautiful our living quarters would be!

Festival Link:
Attendees In Awe Of Cabin
Maysville, Colorado
Colorado Guy Festival
Pete and Sarah
The Sunday barbeque was the largest event and I did a story about how Sarah was the first Hair Consultant ever to attend this annual event ... but not before embarrassingly barfing during a burping contest with Florida Pete.

The old Maysville schoolhouse (top) was not far and many walked over to check it out.

Florida Pete (bottom photo - with Sarah) was in Denver to visit his father and they both came along to attend the social gathering. It was so great to meet the one and only Florida Pete!

Festival Links:
Sunday Barbeque
Florida Pete
Berthoud Pass On Monday morning, we left early for Rocky Mountain National Park and made a stop at Berthoud Pass, which is part of the Continental Divide.

Festival Link: Berthoud Pass
Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park!
What can I say? We had a great time there! :)

Festival Link:
Rocky Mountain National Park
Steve Afterwards, we had dinner in Estes Park!

Festival Link:
Eating Photos in Estes Park
Dave Ortiz
On Tuesday, a great number of people traveled to Ouray to meet Dave-O (known as "Radial Spokes" on the forums) for the first time. Dave, my bicycling partner and friend, was in a horrible bicycling accident last year and is still recovering physically. He planned to attend most (if not all) of the activities planned, but because his body could not handle the long driving distance from Farmington, New Mexico, he missed the barbeque and other events. Because Dave is so admired, we all decided to drive to Ouray, Colorado to meet with Dave and his sister. The scenery of the San Juan Mountains in Ouray was beautiful, but having the opportunity to meet Dave in person was clearly the highlight of the day!

Festival Link:
Meeting With Dave in Ouray
Nick Hughes Along the way to Ouray, Nick and Laura seemed particularly impressed with the town of Gunnison. At this gas station, Laura bought a "Gunnison Colorado" hat and Nick bought a Colorado Gazetter. Nick attended the 2004 Colorado Guy Festival as a single man and this year he brought along his lovely wife. They are such a cute couple! :)

Festival Link:
Gunnison County Photos
Sonic Sonic Drive-In On Wednesday morning, I interviewed Nick on my one-hour Wednesday morning talk radio show (106.9 KHEN in Salida). Afterwards, the remaining festival attendees enjoyed lunch at Sonic in Salida, and I thought Nick and I sipping Kelly's bubble gum slushie (left) was a neat photo to illustrate the fun we had on the air. Right: Kelly orders something at Sonic.

Festival Links:
Radio Interview With Nick
Lunch at Sonic
Miniature Golf Miniature Golf In the afternoon, we played miniature golf in Salida!

Festival Link: Miniature Golf
Independence Pass By Friday, Kansas Kelly, Rhonda, Keema, Paul and myself were all that remained. We took a drive to Independence Pass and a few snowflakes dropped on us!

Festival Link:
Visit To Independence Pass
On the way back, we stopped at a quaint cafe in Twin Lakes. Kelly took both of the adjacent photos of me, in which I looked really tired! I had so much fun, but by Friday, I was really tired from all the driving and socializing! :p)
Now this is a photo from two weeks after the Colorado Guy Festival. On September 8, Scott (adajcent photo) was given the leftover cake that was offered on the Sunday barbeque. He proceeded to place it in his trunk ... which stayed in his trunk for the next 16 days! On September 24, Scott drove out to Buena Vista and the cake made news on this web site.

Festival Link:
Cake In Scott's Trunk
Rich and Lisa OTHER PHOTOS: Rich and Lisa (known as "Morgan Luver" on the forum) arrived late at the Sunday barbeque and were not included in the group photo. It was so good to see them! On Thursday, I spent the entire day working and Lisa actually joined up with the festival group in Manitou Springs and Garden of the Gods.
Rhonda Rhonda Two cute photos of Rhonda (known as "Precious" on the forums).
Phil I love this photo of "Phil The Lurker." Phil does not post many messages, but spends most days "lurking" (i.e. just reading) on the forums. Interestingly, he knew of practically everyone upon meeting them even though nobody knew much about him! ;)
Nick Hughes Nick Hughes
Nick Hughes Nick Hughes
Nick was definitely the life of the party. In 2004, Nick's extreme ironing stunt on Pikes Peak was quite amusing, and here is an array of extra photos of Nick from the event.

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