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Colorado Herd Of Elk

(Elk Spotted at Base of Mt. Princeton - Buena Vista, Colorado) - April 12, 2008

Mt. Princeton
Herd of Elk
This morning I drove along Chaffee County Road 339, west of Buena Vista, to capture a routine picture of Mt. Princeton for my Mt. Princeton web site. (Photo Above)

I looked across the road and noticed a herd of elk - about 45 in number - looking at me. The elk in our area are known to stay more in the area northwest of town; They rarely go south of Chaffee County Road 306 ("Cottonwood Pass Road"). Yay!

Elk I took numerous photos of the elk herd and continued driving on country roads for better angles. I was maybe about 500 yards away and sitting in my car on Chaffee County Road 328 for this one.
Snowdrift The elk walked in the opposite direction of my presence. Hoping they might come closer to me, I backed up my car and hid behind this large snowdrift.
Elk Herd
Elk Herd
It worked! The elk came closer and crossed the dirt road. I drove towards them to capture these two photos.
Mt. Princeton
Mt. Princeton
The elk sat and ate grass south of Chaffee County Road 328, at the base of Mt. Princeton.

I think I have caught the bug of photographing elk! :)

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