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Colorado Bike Ride - "Snow Scenery"

My Bike Ride Partly Up Cottonwood Pass Road - May 8, 2007

One Photo of Mt. Princeton as I Returned to Buena Vista, CO ...
Mt. Princeton I begin today's picture collection with a photo of Mt. Princeton as I was coming into Johnson Village. I spent last night in Colorado Springs and was so pleased to see bright blue skies after four long days of snowfall out here. This picture will definitely be today's feature on my Mt. Princeton Web Site. ;)

My Bike Ride West of the Cottonwood Pass Road Gate
Cottonwood Pass Road I needed to get on my road bike! I drove to the closing gate on Cottonwood Pass Road, and decided to peddle as far uphill as I could before reaching unpassable snow. Cottonwood Pass is still closed and usually opens in late May.
Jones Mountain After a fairly grueling one mile up an 8% to 10% grade, I reached this point that offers a great view of Jones Mountain. I previously visited this spot frequently to photograph this view for
Buena Vista Snowmobile Club
Mt. Yale
Some of the machinery from the Buena Vista Snowmobile Club was still up there, but no worries, it appears snowmobiling season is over! ;)

Bottom photo: Mt. Yale (alt. 14,196 feet)

Snow I have been working on my photography of snowscenes and figuring out the lighting is most difficult. I thought this baby tree surrounded by snow on the roadside was nice.
Road Closed Sign Uphill I went ...
Cottonwood Pass Road After another 1.5 miles, bicycling through areas with snow were common.
National Forest Sign A roadside photo very close to the Ptarmigan Lake trailhead parking lot. There is still a lot of snow out here and snowshoeing is quite a doable activity.
Cottonwood Pass Road Covered In Snow
After 100 yards up from the Ptarmigan Lake trailhead area is where I turned around because of the snow. I had a great ride of 3.3 miles each way! :)

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