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COLORADO BIKE ADVENTURE! Five Uphill Miles In Cottonwood Canyon - May 15, 2006
I had some free time this afternoon and decided to bike a stretch inside Cottonwood Canyon, near the Cottonwood Pass summit. I parked at the Denny Creek Trailhead and somewhere two or three miles up, I snapped this shot of a creek running along the highway. A great view of the mountain is in the background and I liked the snow covering up the stream.
That's Jones Mountain. What a view!

Two more views looking back downhill from where I biked. I started at the Cottonwood Pass Road gate, and being that the road is closed to vehicular traffic right now, there were no vehicles whatsoever on the road. I was totally alone, with the exception of seeing one other bicyclist as I whizzed back down at the end. :)
A beautiful tumbling creek on the side of the road.
One shot of me. Folks, I love the Cottonwood Pass region with all of my heart. Here are all of my pages of this area:
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  • At this spot, I turned around and sped back home. I was really tempted to continue up and maybe reach the pass, but there will be future opportunities ... like when it's a little warmer. Notice the bright blue sky and clouds in this photo. ;)
    I thought this was interesting. Before I rode down, I had only gone 5.18 miles and it took me over an hour. Um, there were some serious Colorado uphills during my ride! :p)
    Coming down, I just had to snap a shot of Mt. Yale (left peak). I'm hiking that mountain this Friday! :)

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