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Mount Evans - Altitude 14,265 Feet

Photos and Video: My Hike From Guanella Pass To Mount Evans - July 16, 2010

Mount Evans Hike From Guanella Pass
Mt. Bierstadt, CO

The photo above was taken at the very end of my hike, when I returned to the trailhead and parking lot at Guanella Pass. Today I hiked directly from Guanella Pass to Mt. Evans. The route description is excellently presented, and I will not repeat it here.

The three peaks in view from left to right are Mt. Spalding (13,842'), the Sawtooth (highest point is 13,760') and Mt. Bierstadt (14,060'). On my hike, I crossed Scott Gomer Creek, and turned left from the Mt. Bierstadt Trail toward the gully between Mt. Spalding and the Sawtooth. The gully looks very intimidating from this vantage point, but it is certainly a doable, albeit steep climb. Also note slightly to the left and behind the Sawtooth, the top of Mt. Evans' west ridge is peaking its head. The summit of Mt. Evans is located a relatively short distance away.

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Mt. Evans Hike
The Hike

I was on the trail at 6 a.m. while it was cool and the mountains to the east blocked the sun's rays. Although a trail kind of exists through the willows to the right of Scott Gomer Creek, be prepared for some bushwacking and some potentially wet, marshy and muddy areas. My boots and socks were very muddy by the end of my excursion. I do want to say "thank you" to all hikers who have gone before me whose wacking helped make my hike somewhat easier.

Two suggestions: 1) Even on hot summer days, wearing pants might protect your legs from being scratched from the willows. 2) If your shoes are not waterproof, having an extra pair of socks might be helpful.

Columbines Columbines along the trail.
Climbing the gully. This is a long and steep section that seems to go on and on, but take heart, this is the most difficult section of the climb to Mt. Evans.
Colorado Scenery Above the gully (bottom right of the photo), this is the view looking back toward the west. What beautiful lighting on those many mountains! Argentine Peak (alt. 13,738') is the pointed peak in the center. Also 14ers Grays Peak (alt. 14,270') and Torreys Peak (alt. 14,267') are the twin peaks on the right. The Guanella Pass parking lot is right of center.
Mt. Spalding, CO Facing north toward Mt. Spalding.
Mt. Bierstadt, CO Facing south toward Mt. Bierstadt (left) and the Sawtooth (right).
West Evans, CO I hiked to the ridge that contains West Evans and Mount Evans. Many large rocks on that ridge ...
Mt. Evans, CO Hike ... but the trail was generally well marked with cairns, traveling on the right side of the ridge.
Mt. Bierstadt and Sawtooth Another viewpoint of Mt. Bierstadt and the Sawtooth.
Mount Evans, CO Coming closer to the Mt. Evans summit.
Mt. Evans Road

Mt. Evans Road

Climbers will know they are close when they can see the Mt. Evans Road and structures near the top.

Mt. Evans, CO Mike
Summit of Mt. Evans - Alt. 14,265 Feet

It was great to be at the summit. This is my 17th Colorado 14er; I have also done four repeats.

Right Photo: I met a friendly gentleman named Mike from Green Bay, Wisconsin. We were talking about Colorado topics and I mentioned I live in Buena Vista. He asked, "Do you have a website?" It turns out Mike has enjoyed visiting my website for three years. We had a great talk! :)

Bill will be vacationing in southwest Colorado to do some 4-wheeling among the mountain passes in the San Juan Mountains. Have a great time, Mike! I proudly pointed out that the one page about Wisconsin on my website is a photo gallery of Timms Hill, the Wisconsin High Point. :)

Summit Lake, CO Nice view of Summit Lake.
Colorado Mountain Scenery Looking toward West Evans, Mt. Bierstadt and a slew of mountains behind.
Colorado Mountain Scenery Facing SSW, the wide open high plateau of South Park in Park County is noticeable on the far left. The line of mountains of the Sawatch Range can be seen as well.
Mt. Evans, Colorado Pikes Peak located on the left in the background.
Mt. Evans, CO The main parking lot for vehicles.

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  • Marmot This marmot was chilling out on a rock near the summit! :)

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    Video - On The Summit Of Mt. Evans

    It was so windy up there!