Quail Mountain (Elevation 13,461 Feet)

Photos Of My Climb - A Colorado 13er Near The Colorado Trail and Twin Lakes, CO - June 16, 2010

Quail Mountain, CO

Quail Mountain is a Colorado 13er in the Sawatch Range, located near Hope Pass and between the villages of Twin Lakes and Vicksburg. After driving up Lost Canyon Road (west of Granite and toward Quail Mountain) to photograph fall scenery, this peak made it on my climbing list for 2010.

How To Get There: It seems most climbers ascend this mountain from Hope Pass and the Colorado Trail. However, we hiked on the east ridge. From Granite, we drove west on Lost Canyon Road toward the Gold Basin Mine (private property). Before reaching the mine, a dirt road spurs to the right (an old cabin exist nearby, a helpful landmark) that travels above and north of the mine. I've made it far up driving slow in my passenger vehicle, but a 4-wheel-drive high clearance vehicle is probably a good idea. We parked on this road and hiked on Quail Mountain's eastern ridge to reach the summit. As always, you should have a quality topographical map if you plan to explore the area.

Special thanks to Derrick and Zach for coming along. We had a great day hike in the mountains ... You can't beat that!

Buena Vista, Colorado

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Quail Mountain In Colorado's Sawatch Range
Colorado Mountain Scenery
This photo was taken in August 2007, as I stood on the summit of Mt. Belford. An arrow points to Quail Mountain.

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Colorado Jeep Trail
Traveling on Lost Canyon Road above timberline. Near this section is the spur road to the right that will lead you around the mine.

Special thanks to Derrick and Zach for coming along. That baby weighs 22 pounds - not an easy task to carry during a mountain climb. I partially carried him coming down Mt. Princeton last year when he weighed less, and I can't imagine what it was like for Derrick today! :p)
Colorado Scenery I hiked the mountain ridge left of center. At the time, I thought this was the summit, but it is merely a false summit of Quail Mountain.
Twin Lakes, CO

Twin Lakes, CO

Twin Lakes, CO

To the north were nice views of the Twin Lakes, Colorado region. I snapped three photos to provide various views.

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  • Colorado Mountain Scenery Ah the Colorado scenery. :)
    Colorado Rocky Mountains A better view of the eastern ridge.

    A few large areas with snow. I postholed in knee deep snow in a few spots, including the second photo. Not fun at all! Most of the snow, however, was avoidable.
    Colorado Rocky Mountains Climbing up a rocky ridge.
    Colorado 14ers

    Colorado Mountain Scenery

    The views to the west and south were stunning!

    TOP: A great view of Colorado 14ers Mt. Oxford, Mt. Belford and Missouri Mountain, left to right.

    SECOND: Clear Creek Canyon is the valley between us, which is the site of Vicksburg and Winfield.

    Colorado Mountain Scenery

    Climbing up the ridge. Again, I thought the summit was this peak, but in the back left, Quail Mountain's true summit can be faintly seen.

    Near this spot, Derrick sent me a picture message. He and Zach opted to climb a smaller unnamed 13er (13,130') on this ridge - the mountain front and center. He said he could see me, but I couldn't see him! :p)

    Quail Mountain, Colorado Finally, the summit of Quail Mountain comes into view on the left.
    Quail Mountain
    Quail Mountain - Elevation 13,461 Feet

    It was extremely windy on the summit. No matter, I was so happy to be here and I had the entire mountain to myself. My feet and legs relax at the summit, similar to my hike of Jones Mountain. :)

    Colorado Mountain Scenery The view to the east. Wowwee! The Buffalo Peaks stand tall and proud in the background.

    And look at this old structure on top of the mountain ...

    Old Cabin

    Old Cabins

    ... Two cabins, likely related to mining still remain.
    Colorado Scenery Another shot to the south. I see six Colorado 14ers in this picture from left to right: Mt. Oxford, Mt. Harvard, Mt. Belford, Mt. Shavano and Tabeguache Peak (faintly way out there) and Missouri Mountain.
    Colorado Rocky Mountains A host of mountains including the Three Apostles (left) and Huron Peak (left of center).
    Colorado Mountains Mt. Hope (alt. 13,933') is the pointed peak on the left,
    Twin Lakes, CO Looking toward Twin Lakes.

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