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Clear Creek Reservoir - Chaffee County, Colorado

Spring In The Colorado Rocky Mountains; Photo Gallery Of The Reservoir In North Chaffee County

Clear Creek Reservoir - Chaffee County, Colorado
Clear Creek Reservoir, CO
Clear Creek Canyon in northern Chaffee County near the town of Granite. On my visit in late April, I merely walked on the reservoir's edge and snapped photos. I noticed three people fishing on the shore and one person fished in a kayak where the lake had completely thawed. As I stood around, I could hear the crackling and crumbling of ice and snow falling into the water. :)

Temperatures are warming in Colorado, but as you can see, things take their good ol' time warming up in Colorado's high country. Above is the view facing (west) into the canyon leading to Vicksburg and Winfield.

Clear Creek Reservoir, Colorado
The view of Clear Creek Reservoir from "Colorado Mountain" -- across Highway 24.

Photo Gallery

April 21, 2010 - The Clear Clear Reservoir Boat Ramp.

Boat Ramp
This is a very popular area for fishing, boating and camping. As the sign states, the boating season begins on May 7 and ends on September 27. Clear Creek Reservoir, CO
For those of you who live out of town and vacation and/or camp in this area, here is your fix of Colorado scenery! :) Clear Creek Reservoir, CO

Clear Creek Reservoir, CO

Let the spring thaw continue! Clear Creek Reservoir, CO
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  • Clear Creek Reservoir, CO

    Clear Creek Reservoir, CO

    I noticed this section with thick ice and snow. Every few seconds I could hear the crashing or cracking of ice somewhere on the reservoir! :)
    On the northwest side of the lake and traveling east on Chaffee County Road 390. Clear Creek Reservoir, CO
    One final shot of the reservoir. Any day is a great day for a hike in Colorado, isn't it? :)

    Clear Creek Reservoir, CO

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