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Clay County, Minnesota High Point

Our Visit - Unnamed Point (elevation 1,540 feet) in Southeast Clay County - October 10, 2008

Days earlier, I hiked Eagle Mountain, the Minnesota high point, and today Mark and I traveled to the high point in Clay County, Minnesota.

Clay County is located in west central Minnesota. It is on the western border of the state, bordered by the Red River, with Moorhead as the county seat. North Dakota is across the river. Outside of Moorhead, the county comprises of small farming communities where sugar beets, soy beans and corn are the most common crops.

Directions: At Hawley, MN, travel east on Highway 10 and then go south on Highway 32. Drive 12.5 miles, passing the small town of Rollag and make a left (east) on 130th Avenue South. You will drive through some hills and continue past the sign that reads "Minimum Maintenance Road." You will pass some radio towers on the right. Continue until you see a major crest in the road. The high point is a short ~200 yard walk on the left (north). The adjacent photo shows where we parked and the high point.


Hawley, MN

Farming Equipment

Driving on Highway 10 in Hawley, Minnesota.

BOTTOM PHOTO: Mark, a lifelong farmer, had to stop at a tractor dealership to check out some of the farming equipment on the grounds.

Clay County, MN High Point

We found it! Just follow the directions above. The hill with the arrow is the high point in Clay County.

Hiking toward the summit.
Steve The rain made the photo a little blurry. It was nice to be up there! :)

The elevation on this unnamed hill is 1,540 feet.

Clay County, MN High Point

Clay County, MN High Point

Minnesota Plains

Three views from the high point.

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