Chocolate Covered Bacon

Going *HOG WILD* Over Bacon
Friends, this is not a dream. The images you see on this page are real. It's bacon covered in chocolate! It all started when I exclaimed on Facebook, "I love bacon so much!" That Facebook status got 39 likes and six comments. Then my friend Bernie shipped me two boxes of chocolate-covered bacon strips from Bacon Bites in Roseland, New Jersey. My taste buds were so happy. :)

Chocolate Bacon Gifts
Chocolate and peanut butter on the left, dark chocolate on the right. Bacon equals happiness!

Photos and write-up by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Bacon Bites

Chocolate Bacon Gifts


My package came from Bacon Bites, run by executive chef Lawrence Rosenberg. He's in the business of spreading joy and cheer (i.e. bacon) throughout the world!

For information on all of their bacon gifts, visit

Chocolate Bacon Strips Three chocolate covered bacon strips on my plate. I ate this for lunch.
Eating Bacon

Mike Vernon

I ate more bacon.

Then, in the evening, I shared my bacon with Mike Vernon. (He's a good friend. I wouldn't share my bacon with just anyone.) Mike really liked it!

Eating bacon for lunch ...

Breakfast six months ago ...

Bacon Facebook Status This was my pro-bacon Facebook status that started it all.
Bacon at Cottonwood Pass

Chocolate Bacon at Cottonwood Pass

The next day, I traveled to Cottonwood Pass (elevation 12126 feet) to enjoy the mountain scenery and feel geographically superior to people in Kansas and Nebraska.

I also brought my bacon which made the outing extra special.

Chomping on a bacon strip at 12000 feet in elevation ...
Mark Shaw With Bacon Photographer Mark Shaw and I got to talking and I let him try a bacon strip with chocolate and peanut butter. He loved it!
Chocolate & Peanut Butter Bacon One last shot of this beauty. Now this is what I call eye candy. Mmmm.

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