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Sugarloaf Mountain (7,304 feet)
Chiricahua National Monument, AZ

A Mountain Hike in Chiricahua National Monument
It was a cold and breezy January morning in southeast Arizona, and considering it takes a minimum of 2-3 miles one way to get to the best rocks, it didn't see like the right choice. So I opted to hike Sugarloaf Mountain -- it's not an enthralling mountain, but I did get the "summit fix" that I often crave as a Coloradan. From the Sugarloaf Mountain parking lot, it is a mere one mile hike with a 470 feet elevation gain.

Sugarloaf Mountain, AZ
Sugarloaf Mountain and the rock formations from the Massai Point section.

Photos, video and write-up by Steve Garufi. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Trail Information


January 11, 2015 - Don't get me wrong, I wanted to do this hike and it was enjoyable, but if you're a typical mountaineer, you're not coming to this region to hike this particular mountain. There are better ones.

Anyway, here's some trail information at the base.

Sugarloaf Mountain, AZ A pretty view on the trail.
Chiricahua National Monument, AZ On the summit, looking out at the rock formations.
Lookout Tower There is a fire lookout tower that is in operation during the dry season.
Steve A self-portrait. It was nice to bag a mountain, however small.

The scenery at the top.

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