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An Adventure In Chalk Creek Canyon

(Ron And Myself at Agnes Vaille Falls, St. Elmo and the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs) - November 11, 2006

Ron Agnes Vaille Falls My friend Ron was in town for a visit and we spent the morning and early afternoon inside Chalk Creek Canyon. We began our adventure by hiking up to Agnes Vaille Falls, just a 0.5 mile hike to one of the prettiest waterfalls in all of Chaffee County! :)
Agnes Vaille Falls This is a large waterfall and this photo does not show all of it. Just a minute before I snapped this photo, a large amount of snow came plopping down to the right of Ron in the photo It was scary!
Agnes Vaille Falls One more nice shot.
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    Mt. Princeton Hot Springs
    Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Lastly, we spent a couple of hours at the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs. You can sit in hot steaming water right beside the creek. Ahhhhhhh! :)
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    Chalk Creek
    After soaking in a hot springs pool for at least an hour, I felt compelled to walk towards the middle of Chalk Creek, which was really cold. It was so cold that I freaked out! :p)
    Ron Uh, there's Ron enjoying himself at the hot springs.

    You are very welcome to comment about Agnes Vaille Falls, St. Elmo, the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs or anything else about Chalk Creek Canyon on my:


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