The Chalk Cliffs - Chaffee County, Colorado

Our Hike To The Scenic Cliffs Near Nathrop, CO and the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs - February 12, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Hike To The Chalk Cliffs
The Chalk Cliffs is yet another beautiful landmark, located at the opening to Chalk Creek Canyon. If you're in the vicinity of Nathrop, the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs, Deer Valley Ranch, Agnes Vaille Falls, or on your way to St. Elmo or Tincup Pass, you can't miss these large light gray cliffs.

Today, my friend Derek and I hiked toward the Chalk Cliffs. We parked on Chaffee County Road 162 and bushwhacked our way toward the base of some of these magnificent cliffs. Photographing the cliffs was challenging, as I was usually looking up at them from below. (Poor depth) However, I captured a few decent Colorado mountain scenery pictures after we climbed to a grand overlook of the canyon.

By the way, the Chalk Cliffs are not made of chalk. The texture is kaolinite, a soft rock that's produced by hot springs that percolate through cracks in the mountain. I would think a geologist might have a field day in this region. :)

Photo Gallery
Chalk Cliffs, CO
Our hike began, looking at those cliffs.

Chalk Cliffs
We walked upward on pinion covered slopes.
Chalk Cliffs, CO
No doubt, the Chalk Cliffs stand formidably as one approaches.
Chalk Cliffs
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Chalk Cliffs Colorado
Nearing the base of the Chalk Cliffs.
Chalk Cliffs Colorado
We climbed a steep rocky slope to this spot. We enjoyed a grand view of the valley. :)

Chalk Cliffs
The steep cliff to the east of us.
Colorado Rocky Mountains
The grand mountain scenery to the southwest. Mt. Antero can be seen on the right.
Mt. Antero
A close-up of this Colorado beauty. I've always been enamored with this mountain's handsome northeast face.