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Chaffee County Road 327

An Odd Tribute To A Lesser Traveled Dirt Road In Chaffee County, Colorado - November 26, 2008

Mt. Princeton, CO Mt. Princeton, CO November 26, 2008 - I will admit I was mainly motivated to create this page by the video clip below. I wanted to see if I could make a video clip out of (what appeared to be) nothing: Just a quiet and lesser traveled road in Chaffee County with grand views of mountains in all directions. You can be the judge, but I think I succeeded in my mission. :)

For those of you who regularly yearn to see more Colorado photos, I hope you are happy with the photo gallery below. I have no plans to leave Colorado in the next few months and look forward to create more pages and videos soon!

All the best,

Chaffee County Road 327 Chaffee County Road 327 Chaffee County Road 327 begins at Chaffee County Road 321 (sometimes referred to as "Rodeo Road") and travels west toward Mt. Princeton.
Chaffee County Road 327 It's just a lonely and quiet dirt road.
Mt. Princeton, CO

Mt. Princeton

Two photo with myself in the foreground.

One of these pictures will be placed on my Mt. Princeton web site. :)

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    Looking toward Midland Hill. (Some locals refer to it as "Sleeping Indian Mountain.")
    Chaffee County Road 327 Like I said, it's a very quiet dirt road. :)
    Mt. Antero The view of Mt. Antero. I drove about a mile or two on Chaffee County Road 321 to capture this particular view.
    Love the bullet holes in the sign!

    YouTube Video

    Above is the video clip of Chaffee County Road 327. (Soundtrack is "Let Your Love Flow" by the Bellamy Brothers.)

    My other videos: Piece of Garbage collection and YouTube collection.