Cedro Peak (Elevation 7677 Feet) - Tijeras, New Mexico

It's nothing to go wild about, but Cedro Peak is there for you ...
Cedro Peak is about 5 miles south of Tijeras and a decent mountain for the views on top. As for hiking it, one can simply walk on the road that begins just a mile down at the Cedro Peak Group Campground. The elevation gain is only a few hundred feet. It's far from an interesting hike and ugly cell towers and a building detract from the peak's beauty. Still, casual hikers might like this mountain and of course, peak baggers will want to mark it off their checklist.

Directions: From Albuquerque, travel west on Interstate 40 to Exit 175, the Tijeras exit. Travel south on State Highway 337 into the forest. I don't know the exact mileage, but after about five miles I'd guess, there's sign noting the Cedro Peak Campground. Turn left, then turn left again at the next sign. At that point, drive up the well-graded dirt road to the campground, where there's a parking lot just above. From there, the hike is a simple jaunt up the road. There are trails that meander around, some leading to the peak. Have at it!

Cedro Peak, New Mexico
Cedro Peak from Highway 337 in Tijeras.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Cedro Peak Campground


May 25, 2015 - Entrance to the Cedro Peak Campground. If I had to do it all over again, I would have parked near this sign, as I would have had a better workout from the longer distance. It's just too short of a hike to begin at the campground -- that's my opinion.
Cedro Peak, NM The view of Cedro Peak from the parking lot just above the campgrounds.

By the way, you CAN drive all the way to the top, but beyond the campground, you'll need a 4WD vehicle and high clearance would be a good idea too.



Hiking up the road, I spotted this spider. :)
Cedro Peak Cell Tower At the top is this building with two cell towers. There was a man working up there as I meandered below.
Cedro Peak, NM

Cedro Peak, New Mexico

Cedro Peak

Three photos of the scenery atop Cedro Peak.

TOP: I believe that is facing east toward Sedillo.
SECOND: Interstate 40 and the Sandia Mountains.
THIRD: Facing north. Such pretty hills.

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  • Steve It was an underwhelming hike, but anything beats sitting on the couch. I'm glad I got out! :)

    On the summit.

    Special thanks to my New Mexico atlas for finding the place! :)

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