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Canyon Rim Trail In Colorado National Monument

A Short 0.5 Mile Hike (One Way) From The Visitor Center; Access To Book Cliffs View and Window Rock Trail

Another Scenic Hike In Western Colorado ...
September 19, 2012 - The Canyon Rim Trail is one of the simplest and easiest hikes in Colorado National Monument. Beginning at the visitor center, the trail remains level as it travels along a canyon rim. It is a 0.5 mile hike one way.

Canyon Rim Trail Colorado
Above: The National Park Service workers didn't know the name of this canyon, but it may be the north arm of Wedding Canyon.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Canyon Rim Trail, CO


Behind the visitor center, the Canyon Rim Trail begins.
Canyon Rim Trail Colorado Plenty of red rock scenery, similar to Arches National Park and other spots in southern Utah.
Cairn Having recenlty launched Cairn Counseling in Fruita, any time I see a cairn, I smile. :)
Canyon Rim Trail, CO A scenic view of the canyon. Rim Rock Drive -- you can see one horizontal road cut in the photo -- goes around the canyon.

Warning: While the trail is easy, there are sections that come somewhat close to the edge of the vertical cliffs. This is not the place for energetic kids prone to thoughtless wandering or teenagers horse playing. A fall from a cliff would likely lead to death.


Canyon Wall

The grand red rock scenery at an overlook.

Colorado National Monument The best view from the trail has to be the rock formations to the south. Pipe Organ, Independence Monument and the Kissing Couple are all in view.

For photography fanatics, the best views generally face south. I snapped this photo at about 10:30 a.m, and the sun behind made for tricky lighting. Similar to the Fruita Canyon View, visiting later might be better. I'd say hike this trail in the late afternoon or evening when the sun is way to the right. (Just a suggestion.)

Colorado National Monument The trail leads to the Book Cliffs View. Nice scenery!
Window Rock in Colorado National Monument
From here, the Canyon Rim Trail ends and the Window Rock Trail begins. Adjacent is a photo of Window Rock from this spot. See the hole in the rock? It's small from this angle and a far cry from the massive arches around Moab, Utah, but you can hike to it to get a better look. The sign reads it is 0.5 miles to Window Rock, but I'm pretty sure that it's shorter.
The Window Rock Trail is a short hike and leads to Window Rock and a grand overlook of the Book Cliffs and town of Fruita. I say, you might as well continue to this scenic spot before returning to the visitor center.

The scenery at the Book Cliffs View area.

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