Mount Princeton

Buffalo Peaks (West Buffalo Peak 13,326' - East Buffalo Peak 13,300')

Photos of Buffalo Peaks; My Inspiration Page To Climb This Mountain In The Future

The Buffalo Peaks
Buffalo Peaks, CO

The Buffalo Peaks is a well recognized mountain in central Colorado. Some of its popularity derives from its position, where it can be seen from South Park (Park County), much of northern Chaffee County and from so many high peaks in the Sawatch and Mosquito Range.

I do plan to climb this mountain, hopefully in 2011. (When I summit the Buffalo Peaks, I'll certainly update this page.) I'm not sure which way I'll go about climbing the mountain at this time. There is one interesting climb report where the guy began in Park County. However, there does not seem to be a standard route, and some have climbed via the Fourmile area on the Buena Vista side.

For now, a number of my photos of the Buffalo Peaks from various spots in Colorado. Above is the view of the mountain from Weston Peak, a 13er to the north in the Mosquito Range.

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Buffalo Peaks

Buffalo Herd

Photo Gallery

Two photos of the Buffalo Peaks from the vast and flat high elevation region known as South Park. This is in Park County, west of Wilkerson Pass.

TOP: The view of Antero Reservoir.
SECOND: A herd of buffalo in Hartsel.

Buffalo Peaks, CO

Buffalo Peaks, CO

Another popular view of the Buffalo Peaks is on U.S. Highways 24 and 285, between Johnson Village and Trout Creek Pass. Adjacent are two shots of the mountain as one drives through Chubb Park, en route to Trout Creek Pass.
Buffalo Peaks Colorado On the road leading to Weston Pass in Park County.

Buffalo Peaks, CO

Buffalo Peaks, CO

Buffalo Peaks

For those of us who live in Buena Vista, Nathrop and elsewhere in Chaffee County, the most common view of the Buffalo Peaks are seen in these photos.

The Buffalo Peaks' two gently rounded humps stand very tall and proud to the north.

From top to bottom, these pictures were taken in:

  • Summer Mountain Scenery
  • Colorado Scenes
  • Elk Herd
  • Fourmile Area Ridge

  • Mt. Princeton Summit On the summit of Mt. Princeton in August 2011. The Buffalo Peaks can be seen out there to the left. The town of Buena Vista is recognizable in the valley.
    Mountains On the summit of 13er White Ridge, the Buffalo Peaks can be seen way out there to the left.
    The Buffalo in the distance. Seen from another 13er, Quail Mountain.

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