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Fireworks Photos - Buena Vista, Colorado

(A Few Pictures Of Fireworks From Last Night - July 4, 2007)

Fireworks My skills with photographing fireworks is not the greatest, but I managed to capture a few decent photos for your viewing pleasure. In some instances, my camera's exposure was longer than desired, which coupled with the shakiness of my hands created a squiggly effect to the fireworks. They still look kind of nice in my opinion.

Ah ... check this out! One of the very first photos taken is the adjacent image, which has an amazing replication of some kind of person with head and arms! Do you see him looking out to the right with his arms out? It looks like an angel, kind of like a man with some sort of afro hairdo. I love this shot! :)

Here are my previous fireworks photo collections from the past two years: Buena Vista (2006) and Manitou Springs (2005).

Oh ... and don't forget to view my July Fourth morning photos as I walked along the Continental Divide: Hike to Unnamed Peak 12,792'.

All the best,
-Steve :)

The Fireworks Show
Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Oooooh!
Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Aaaaah! :)
Fireworks Fireworks The grand finale. I couldn't believe this, but people were leaving (right photo - line of shaky oncoming headlights) during the grand fireworks finale. Come on!

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