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A Hiking Adventure In Buena Vista, Colorado

(Scott, Lars and Steve Hike The Whipple Trail; Great Colorado Scenery) - March 4, 2007
Arkansas River in Buena Vista, CO With Scott and Lars in town, we went for a morning hike on the Whipple Trail in Buena Vista. It is a moderate hike with grand views of the Collegiate Peaks to the west, and it begins by crossing a bridge over the Arkansas River (adjacent photo).

How to get there: From the Buena Vista traffic light, go east on East Main Street to the very end. Bear left and you'll dead-end at the dirt parking lot of the trailhead.
Whipple Trail Here's an example of some of the great views you'll have of mountains like Mt. Princeton.
Somewhere along the hike, I noticed some grayish and purple-shaded prickly pear cacti! :p)
Scott and Lars Thinking of the pictorial to come, I asked Scott and Lars to do something crazy and all Scott did was raise his hands as a gesture of confusion.
Mt. Princeton
Mt. Antero and Mt. Princeton
Buena Vista, Colorado
The trail steadily travels uphill, providing grand views of the Sawatch Mountain range. If photographing these mountains is your priority, I suggest visiting in the morning when the sun from the east almost perfectly graces itself on these westerly mountains.

We reached a clearing with a panoramic view.

TOP: Mt. Princeton
SECOND: Mt. Antero and Mt. Princeton
THIRD: The town of Buena Vista. (The main road is East Main Street.)
LAST: Myself with Mt. Columbia in the background.

Scott Baker Lars Leber Special thanks to Scott (left) and Lars (right) for visting from Colorado Springs. Scott stated he has had problems with his eyes tearing anytime he takes consecutive photos of a panoramic scenc (and I got a photo to prove it, ha ha ha!), and I got a shot of Lars doing what he does best. Check out Lars' amazing photography work at his web site.
The top of the trail leads to a dirt road that once served as a railroad grade. This entire area is considered a great place for mountain biking, by the way. ;)
Snow On the way down, I "lost it" over the continual sight of snow. It has been a very long winter out here, but fortunately we only have six more weeks of winter to go!
Arkansas River We walked down to the based of the Arkansas River, and the ice made things a little more interesting that usual.
Arkansas River I even walked on parts of the ice. :p)

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