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Buckhorn Wash Road - San Rafael Swell, Utah

Another Special Place In Southeast Utah
Buckhorn Wash is worth a visit if you're a fan of Utah's canyon country and historic Indian pictographs. The benefit of this place is that it can be accessed with a 2WD vehicle, as a well-graded dirt road leads into the canyon. From Interstate 70, get off at exit 131 in the San Rafael Swell and follow the signs to Buckhorn Wash, 20 miles away. (Definitely use a paper map. Do NOT trust your GPS in such a remote region as this. I used the National Geographic Map named "San Rafael Swell" #712.)

Buckhorn Wash, Utah
Coming up a hill, this was the first view of the lower section of Buckhorn Wash. So pretty.

Photos and video by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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August 18, 2013 - Lots of jagged rocks and cliffs in the region.

Window Blind Peak, Utah

Two photos of Window Blind Peak (elevation 7030') to the north.
Buckhorn Wash Road, Utah It was quiet on this Sunday morning in August.

Now I know I'm Colorado Guy and I'm supposed to be gung-ho about the mountains, but there's something about Utah desert scenery that wins my heart too. :)

On one side of the canyon.
Bottleneck Peak, Utah

Bottleneck Peak, Utah

Bottleneck Peak

Two photos of Bottleneck Peak, elevation 6,401 feet.

Notice how wide or thin it is based on the angle.

Buckhorn Wash, Utah Continuing up the wash.
Buckhorn Wash Road, UT Beautiful scenery at every turn.
Buckhorn Wash, Utah The view of Assembly Hall Peak (left) and Window Blind Peak (center). I really like the composition of this picutre.

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  • Buckhorn Wash, Utah Driving through the narrow canyon.
    Buckhorn Wash Road, Utah Lots of red rock walls, like the stuff you'll see in Moab or Colorado National Monument.
    Buckhorn Wash Pictographs

    Buckhorn Wash Pictographs

    Buckhorn Wash Utah Pictographs

    Buckhorn Wash Pictographs

    There's another amazing Indian pictograph site five miles up the canyon.

    Other sites with petroglyphs and pictorgraphs:
  • Black Dragon Canyon
  • Sego Canyon at Thompson Springs

  • Buckhorn Wash, Utah A self-portrait. :)
    Assembly Hall Peak, Utah
    I can't help but wonder if those peaks have been climbed. Are they climbable? :)
    Some visitors take the road up the canyon to Wedge Overlook, which has a view looking down at the wash. I didn't drive up there, but I've heard that's an excellent option.


    Peaceful and quiet.

    A scenic drive worth your time.

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