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Boreas Mountain (Elevation 13,082 Feet) - Near Como, Colorado

Not a shabby 13er ...
Boreas Mountain (13082 feet) is located just east of Boreas Pass. Because there's no marked trail and the summit's elevation doesn't reach the magic number of 14,000 feet, not many hikers take on this mountain. This would be an excellent choice for those seeking solitude. According to the log, I was the first person in 18 days to hike the mountain. I didn't see anyone on my outing.

Directions: From Breckenridge or Como, travel on Boreas Pass Road to Boreas Pass. It is a graded dirt road with a few bumpy spots, but any car can make it. Hike up the ridge, then head to the summit. I used the National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map #109 for Breckenridge/Tennessee Pass.

Boreas Mountain, Colorado
Looking at Boreas Mountain from Boreas Pass.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Boreas Pass, CO


September 25, 2014 - This was my first decent shot as I looked down on Boreas Pass. That's where I started.
Mount Silverheels, CO The view of Mount Silverheels (right) got better and better the more I climbed. :)
Mountains Keep hiking up. From Boreas Pass, I learned that it's best to "stay left" where there's more grass. Eventually, I lost sight of Boreas Pass.

Blood and Cigar

Summit of Boreas Mountain

It took me 90 minutes to reach the top.

A victory cigar.

Some blood on my finger too. The container that holds the hikers' log is made of glass and is partially broken. Be more careful than I was.

Hikers Log I had the entire mountain to myself. And I was the first hiker in 18 days. Wow!
Boreas Mountain, Colorado

Boreas Mountain, CO

Boreas Mountain, Colorado

The summit views were wonderful!

TOP: Facing Bald Mountain (13679'), an impressive peak with such a boring and common name.

SECOND: Looking toward Mount Guyot with Grays and Torreys Peak in the distance.

THIRD: Toward the east, lots of fall colors out there. My drive from Como to Boreas Pass had so much fall foliage. You can see those photos here: Fall Foliage Como/Boreas Pass.

Boreas Mountain, CO The best view was toward Mount Silverheels. Such a pretty mountain!

Also seen afar was South Park, the Sawatch Range and Mosquito Range.

Quandary Peak A closer look at Quandary Peak to the west.
Bald Mountain in Breckenridge One photo coming down. I really liked the prominence of Bald Mountain to the north.


Hiking up the mountain.

On the summit.

Looking down at Boreas Pass Road.

Mount Silverheels isn't too shabby.

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