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(Last Night's Bonfire Photos With Friends In Buena Vista, Colorado - March 21, 2007)

Bonfire Bonfire Bonfires rock the house! Last night after work I stopped by a bonfire happening in our itty-bitty town of Buena Vista.
Jesse Pfalzgraff Troubled Buena Vista Youth Many of the troubled youth were in attendance for the bonfire festivies. I got a mid-sentence photo of Jesse Pfalzgraff (left) ranting about something and Molly and Myranda gave off eerie vibes that characterize many of the young people who live in this town year-round.
Molly and Steve Molly and Steve The big reason for the occasion was Molly's 24th birthday. Happy Birthday Molly! I was so overjoyed and excited for her that I chomped on a slice of pizza as close to her face as possible! :) Molly, you are awesome!
Pallet on Fire At one point, a big ol' wooden pallet was placed into the fire!
Jesse Cortese
Jesse in Buena Vista
Lots of great local people were in attendance including Laura and Jesse Cortese (top). Jesse is the lead singer for Maniacal and wrote a great article to kick off this year's Anti-Drama Queen holiday.

That's Jesse, a Boston Red Sox fan and Maylene and the Sons music appreciator, in the middle with Steve and his funky pipe in the background.

I also got a great photo of Mike and Mary in a random mid-sentence photo. Sadly, they are moving to western Kansas (i.e. Denver) at the end of the summer. We will miss them! :(
Myranda in Buena Vista I got a great photo of Myranda smoking a butt with her naturally curly hair. I really appreciated it when Myranda participated with me in the anti-drama queen candlelight vigil at the Buena Vista traffic light this year. :)
Zach Zach was in charge of the fire and things got interesting when he tossed this dead tree in the fire! :p)
Ooooooh! What nice bonfire pictures! :)

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  • German Cake Skye There was some German chocolate cake around and I got a photo of Skye taking a piece of it. I wanted a slice of it, but I first wanted to warm it up a bit ...
    Too Close To The Bonfire ... The problem was I got too close to the fire and it was really, really hot! :-(
    Bonfire Gathering What a great night! :)

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