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Indian Petroglyphs In Black Canyon Dragon - Green River, Utah

Indian Petroglyphs Inside Black Dragon Canyon
After visiting Dutchman Arch earlier in the morning, I wanted to locate the Indian Petroglyphs (sometimes called "Indian art" or "pictographs") that are inside Black Dragon Canyon. As you can see in the two photos below, I sure found them! :)

Directions: Black Dragon Canyon is west of Green River, Utah and on the edge of the San Rafael Swell. Starting at Interstate 70 at Exit 149 (the exit for Hanksville and Highway 24), travel west on I-70. Past milemarker 147, carefully turn off the highway to the dirt road and gate. Go through the gate and then travel north for about a mile. (There are many roads that squiggle in the desert. Do your best to follow the road that goes north.) Make a left at the sign for Black Dragon Wash and drive to the mouth of the canyon. Hike about a half mile into the canyon until you see the large fence and petroglphys.

Indian Petroglyphs
Pretty shades of red, pink and black.

Indian Petroglyphs Art
Supposedly there is a drawing of a black dragon. Hence, the canyon name, but I didn't see it.

Interstate 70 Utah

Extra Photos

April 16, 2013 - Me traveling west on Interstate 70, with the unique rock formations of the San Rafael Swell afar. Remember, turn off past milemarker 147.
Gate The gate.
Black Dragon Wash The sign for Black Dragon Wash.

If you want a map of this area, I recommend the National Geographic topographical map named "San Rafael Swell #172."

Black Dragon Canyon, Utah Hiking inside Black Dragon Canyon.

An old 4WD and rocky road travels through the canyon. Before Spotted Wolf Canyon was blasted so that Interstate 70 could be built through it in the 1950s, Black Dragon Canyon was the common route for motorists who wanted to go west through the San Rafael Swell.

I don't know details about this particular road, but I'd love to explore it in a Jeep, ATV or even by foot. Someday. :)

Black Dragon Canyon, UT It began to rain. With my back turned from the petroglyphs, here's the view of this beautiful canyon.

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