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Durango to Cortez

46 Miles: Tough Climb West of Durango, Flat Tire Near Mancos, Arrival in Cortez

Cycling west out of Durango, I had a tough climb on Highway 160. Here's one mountain on today's route.
Mile Marker 59
At mile marker 59, I got my first and only flat tire of the tour.
Flat Bicycle Tire
Squeezing the tire. No air.
Mancos, Colorado
I gently rode my bike, careful not to put much weight on the front wheel, to the town of Mancos just ahead.
Fixing a Flat Bicycle Tire
Popping the tube out of the tire.
Helpful Guy
I did have some trouble fixing the flat. A guy at an auto shop helped me a little -- special thanks to him.
Indian Food Stand
I had lunch at an Indian food stand.
Fry Bread Wrap
A delicious fry bread wrap.
Sleeping Indian Mountain, Colorado
As I approached Cortez, I could see Sleeping Indian Mountain. See a resemblance?
Cortez, CO
Cortez touts itself as the Gateway to Mesa Verde National Park.
Dairy Queen in Cortez, CO
I went to a Dairy Queen ...
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard
... and had a chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard!
Steve Garufi Selfie
An awful selfie, but at least my taste buds were happy. :)

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