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Durango to Cortez

46 Miles: Tough Climb West of Durango, Flat Tire Near Mancos, Arrival in Cortez

42 degrees
42 degrees when I was up and about in Pagosa Springs.
Lake in Pagosa Springs, CO
The sunrise reflecting on the lake at the Driessen home.
Chimney Rock, Colorado
That's Chimney Rock in Chimney Rock, Colorado. When I first saw it, I thought it should be called Middle Finger Mountain, but what do I know? :)

Plenty of mountain scenery on this ride.
Durango, Colorado
Durango, Colorado.
Durango, CO
A mountain beside the highway in Durango.
Seinfeld TV show
I stayed at a motel in Durango and watched Seinfeld on TV. :)

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