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Seibert to Calhan

85 Miles: Cycling on I-70 Frontage Dirt Roads; Rest in Limon; Arrival in Calhan and Help From Tote

Interstate 70 in Eastern Colorado
From Seibert, I continued west. I biked through the Flagler Reservoir Wildlife Refuge and arrived in Flagler, Colorado. Here's an image of Interstate 70 from a bridge.
Frontage Road
At this point, all of my cycling had been done on pavement. When I arrived in Flagler, the ride became bumpy ... literally. The frontage road was now on the south side of the interstate, but just a mile ahead, the road was made of dirt and gravel. Ack! That was not ideal for a road bicycle. At the time, I didn't even consider riding on the shoulder of the interstate and I wasn't sure if it was legal. (For the record, it is legal between Coachella and Blythe on Interstate 10 in California. That was part of my bike across USA route eight years later.)
Eastern Colorado Road
A road on the plains.
Bike Across Colorado
About two miles west of Genoa, the frontage road was paved again. I was so happy!
Steve Garufi Bicyclist
See? I was making selfies back in 2003. I was a trendsetter! :)
Hotel Swimming Pool
This next photo is intriguing, because I don't remember the details. All my journal says is that I got out of the heat from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and rested at a hotel pool in Limon.
Homer Simpson Watch
My Homer Simpson watch did a great job of keeping me on track. :)
Resident of Matheson, Colorado
A friendly local in Matheson.
Near Ramah, it began to rain. So I biked hard to Calhan where I intended to stay the night. However, all the lodging was booked because of the El Paso County Fair happening that weekend.

Stuck with nowhere to lay my head, I called "Tote" in Falcon. (That's not her real name, but it's a great nickname.) My friend generously shuttled me to her home in Falcon, put me up for the night, and transported me back to Calhan the next morning. Thank you Tote! Here's a picture of her as she drove me in her truck! :)

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