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Kansas State Line to Seibert, Colorado

46 Miles: Scott and Marc Shuttle Me to Kansas State Line; Cycling on Plains in 100-Degree Heat

4:10 a.m.
The first photo taken on Day 1 was at 4:10 a.m. That's when my alarm went off in my Manitou Springs apartment.
Marc Fey and Scott Kerr
That morning, my friends Scott Kerr (left) and Marc Fey (right) of Colorado Springs were my heroes. They were generous enough to shuttle me to the Kansas state line and then drive all that distance back. I shall forever be grateful to them! :)
Steve Garufi, Bike Across Colorado
Me posing by the "Welcome to Colorful Colorado" sign with my red Giant OCR3 road bike. My starting point was the frontage road north of Interstate 70. The town of Kanorado, Kansas is about one mile east of this spot.
Sign for Burlington, Colorado
Westward I biked on the plains. Near the beginning, I was twelve miles from Burlington and a whopping 162 from Colorado Springs.
Bales of Hay
Bales of hay.
Eastern Colorado Plains
More bales of hay.

Storage bins in Vona.
Stratton, Colorado
Arrival in Stratton, Colorado.
Convenience Store in Stratton, CO
It was a hot summer day with the temperature reaching 100 degrees. When I got in town, I had a prolonged break at this convenience store. (Not sure who that guy was walking in front! Ha ha.)

Me with a friendly gentleman. I believe he said he was owner of the store and lived in Cheyenne Wells.
Red Road Bike
My bike in a park in Stratton.
Shady Grove Campground
I had gone 46 miles when I arrived in Seibert, and the heat was just too much. I decided that tomorrow I would start earlier in the morning to get a head start on the heat. I stayed at the Shady Grove Campground ...
... and this shack / structure was my living quarters for the night.

At the campground, I conversed with a friendly family who was traveling through. They were on a long road trip and I told them about my plan to bike across Colorado. While we were enjoying the swimming pool, I got a photo of the mom and son. Writing this eleven years later, I have no idea where these people are now, but they're on the Internet! :)

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