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Bighorn Sheep Photos

(Bighorn Sheep and Younger Ewes Near Cottonwood Hot Springs in Colorado - May 7, 2008)

Bighorn Sheep I have been spotting the bighorn sheep regularly these days along Chaffee County Road 306 ("Cottonwood Pass Road") west of Buena Vista. They stood so close to the road that I could not help but take some pictures of them!

This particular segment of road is located close to the entrance of the Cottonwood Hot Springs, approximately five miles west of the one traffic light in town.

Enjoy the photos! I kind of like the composition of the photo above of the curvy road with the bighorn sheep on the right! ;)

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Bighorn Sheep Wow! He posed perfectly for me! :)
Bighorn Sheep Two bighorn sheep standing on the road.
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    Young Bighorn Sheep
    Young Bighorn Sheep

    Just a mile up the canyon was this group of young bighorn sheep.

    This particular one was sniffing the road! :p)

    Young Bighorn Sheep And uh, he kind of just looked at me oblivious to the fact that I might want to drive by. ;)
    Young Bighorn Sheep He walked past my driver side and I think that's when he started to become scared.
    Young Bighorn Sheep Oh and this is the same group of young bighorn sheep I photographed on April 7 this year.

    Cottonwood Lake
    Cottonwood Lake
    Cottonwood Lake

    I made the drive to Cottonwood Lake just for the heck of it.

    Much of the east side of the lake is covered in snow and ice, but it is definitely melting. The bottom photo is a nice shot of ice, chilly water and snow on the side of that mountain.

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