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Bald Mountain - Elevation 9,611 Feet

Our Hike To Bald Mountain Near Nathrop, Ruby Mountain & Sugarloaf Mountain In Chaffee County

Bald Mountain, CO Bald Mountain (9,611') does not receive much admiration, especially with it near lofty peaks in the nearby Sawatch Range. This mountain is located southeast of Buena Vista and Johnson Village and behind Sugarloaf Mountain in Nathrop. Sadly, "Bald Mountain" is probably the most common and boring name for a mountain. In fact, there is another Bald Mountain across the valley near Chaffee County Road 306.

Directions: As always, I recommend National Geographic's Trails Illustrated topographical map (#129 - Buena Vista & Collegiate Peaks), which covers the entire area. Travel east on Chaffee County Road 300 to the Ruby Mountain Campground. Pass the Ruby Mountain Trailhead and the road switchbacks to the left. From this point, a 4-wheel drive high clearance vehicle is recommended. Drive on C.R. 300 all the way to C.R. 300B and make a left. You can park your car at this point and hike up the road (which loops around the mountain) or continue up C.R. 300B if you are feel daring and desire to be closer to the summit. We had a good hike!

Happy Trails, Steve

Nathrop, CO

Nathrop, CO

Photos of Bald Mountain

December 13, 2008 - Bald Mountain has some prominence among the mountains east of Nathrop. Notice the area near the top is without trees, and I can only assume it is named Bald Mountain because of this feature.

TOP: Sugarloaf Mountain (left) and Bald Mountain (right) as seen from Nathrop.

SECOND: Another view about one mile north of Nathrop.

Chaffee County Road 300 Traveling up C.R. 300.
The road became really rough on C.R. 300B.

We parked at the fork of C.R. 300B, which loops around Bald Mountain.

These were the first two hike pictures I snapped. That second photo was the grand view looking back as we climbed.

Bald Mountain, CO Climbing the bald spot on the mountain's east slope.
Bald Mountain, CO And there we were ... on the summit of Bald Mountain! :)

From the 300B fork, it was only about a 0.5 to 0.7 mile hike.

Looking to the west. Of course, if it had been a clear day, we would have had amazing views of the Sawatch Range. I recommend visiting this peak on a clear and sunny morning.
Bald Mountain, CO Pointing toward Mt. Princeton.
Buena Vista, CO The view of Johnson Village and Buena Vista.
The easterly view from Bald Mountain.
Special thanks to Derek for bravely driving his truck and taking me along.

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  • Bald Mountain, CO The view to the southwest.

    1 - Ruby Mountain
    2 - The town of Nathrop.
    3 - Sugarloaf Mountain
    4 - The large southern Sawatch Range that include Mt. Antero, Mt. White, Mt. Shavano and others.

    Sugarloaf Mountain, CO

    Coming back down the mountain, three extra photos of nearby mountains.

    TOP: Ruby Mountain

    MIDDLE: Sugarloaf Mountain

    BOTTOM: Unnamed Peak (alt. 9,504 feet) SE of Bald Mountain

    Bald Mountain can't compete with other trails and mountains in the area, but the views are excellent. It's a hike worth considering.

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