Allen Unique Autos In Grand Junction, Colorado

An impressive classic car collection that's open to the public ...
Allen Unique Autos is an auto museum in Grand Junction that displays the extraordinary car collection of Tammy Allen, an active buyer who obtains many of her vehicles at the famed Barrett-Jackson auctions. Her collection ranges from modern sports cars to antique vehicles from the early 20th Century. Popular 1950s cars and 1960s-era muscle cars are plentiful. There are also unique cars that have its place in history. You can learn more about their hours, admission rates and history on

Below are photos of my favorite cars from a couple of visits. I love this place!

Allen Unique Autos
A glimpse of some of the beautiful old cars at Allen Unique Autos.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

1913 Ford Model T


1913 Ford Model T - Customized with chrome, a larger engine and other gadgets, and painted a dreamy lavender.
1921 Milburn Electric Car 1921 Milburn - A rare electric car made by a company named Milburn.
1933 Chrysler Imperial 1933 Chrysler Imperial - A large and maroon luxury Chrysler Imperial. Check out the hood ornament on this thing!
1938 Cadillac V16 1938 Cadillac - Shiny and black, this is the first car one sees in the museum's show room.
1940 Packard 120 1940 Packard 120 - A bold, beautiful and black sedan by Packard.

1947 Cadillac Woody Wagon 1947 Cadillac Woody Wagon - A hearse that was customized into a station wagon. The wood paneling is a delightful addition.
1950 Mercury Wasabi 1950 Mercury Wasabi - A neon green Mercury that's gaudy, spectacular and a highly adored vehicle.
1960 American Rambler - It's bright red. It's the fire department chief's car. It's a 1960 American Rambler!
1963 Pontiac Naval Ambulance 1963 Pontiac Naval Ambulance - One of 15 Pontiac ambulances issued to the Navy in 1963, one of which transported JFK after he had died.
1967 Volkswagen Beetle - #53. Herbie the Love Bug.

Extra Photos
Allen Unique Autos
"These are a few of my favorite things." The sign at the entrance to the auto museum.
1938 Buick Brewster Town Car
A 1938 Buick Brewster Town Car.
1961 Cadillac Custom Couch
Ahhhh ... can I please have this in my office? This 1961 Cadillac sofa won my heart. :)

Yours truly beside a 1957 Cadillac. :)

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