Cottonwood Pass, Colorado - Elevation 12,126 Feet

Mountain Bliss on the Contiental Divide
In 2017, Gunnison County has been working all summer at transforming Gunnison County Road 209 from a bumpy dirt road to a paved pathway. The road has been closed. However, the route from Buena Vista to the summit has remained open. Below are my photos on a sunny Sunday morning.

Photos and write-up by Steve Garufi a.k.a. "Colorado Guy" Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Cottonwood Pass, Colorado
Even if it's disappointing to see a road closure, the scenery never disappoints.

Colorado Mountain Scenery
A patch of snow that has refused to melt during the summer months. Gorgeous mountains in the background, including Jones Mountain on the right.
Cottonwood Pass, CO
Beautiful morning sky.
Cottonwood Pass Overlook
The view to the west of the divide, facing into Gunnison County.
Colorado Tourism
Whenever I'm too lazy to hike, often I'll drive somewhere, park, and then stick my leg out the window. Note the trendy Colorado socks. :)
Chaffee County Road 306
Heading down Chaffee County Road 306.
Mountains at Cottonwood Pass
One last stunning mountain shot.

From the upper switchback, east of Cottonwood Pass.

180 degree view.

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