Arkansas Vacation - 2010 Arkansas Photos

Photos of my Hikes, Adventures and the Razorbacks Game in Fayetteville, AR - October 2010

Beautiful Arkansas - My 2010 Arkansas Trip
The main highlight of my visit was my attendance at the Ole Miss vs. Razorbacks football game in northwest Arkansas. My friend Charles Smith drove from Memphis to attend the game with me. However, I also did a lot of hiking and adventuring. The photo directly below has myself on the summit of Pinnacle Mountain, a popular hike in Little Rock. Ahhhh ... good ol' Arkansas.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest

Arkansas Razorbacks Football Game Razorbacks Football Game - The biggest highlight: Arkansas Razorbacks defeat Ole Miss 38-24 on a windy and rainy Saturday in Fayetteville. Way to go Hogs!
Short Mountain, AR Short Mountain - My drive up Short Mountain in Paris, Arkansas.
Summit Park Trail Mt. Nebo State Park - My hike on the Summit Park Trail in Mt. Nebo State Park.
Pinnacle Mountain, Arkansas Pinnacle Mountain - My hike to the summit of Pinnacle Mountain in Little Rock.
Lake Village, Arkansas - My brief visit to Lake Chicot and Lake Village, Arkansas.
Louisiana High Point Driskill Mountain - Kathey and I hiked to the Louisiana High Point.
Woodall Woodall Mountain - The highest point in Mississippi.
Missouri High Point Taum Sauk Mountain - The Missouri High Point was my third U.S. state high point of the trip.

Extra Photos

Special thanks to Danny in Ratcliff for hosting me for two nights.

A pretty sunset in Fayetteville. Arkansas Sunset
Lost Valley - Buffalo National River

I enjoyed a nice hike with two friends, Rhonda and Tom of Mountain Home.

We met halfway at the Lost Valley Trailhead in the Buffalo National River region. Two of the adjacent photos include shots of the natural bridge from different angles.

Lost Valley Natural Bridge, AR Lost Valley Natural Bridge, AR

Tom and Rhonda

Hanging out with Raymond Burks at Grub's Bar & Grill in Fayetteville. Raymond Burks
My decaf americano and slice of espresso cheesecake at the Sacred Grounds Cafe in Fayetteville. Americano
I drove to southern Arkansas and cruised on U.S. Highway 82 from El Dorado to Lake Village. This was a sentimental journey for me, because this was the route of my bike across america trip 2.5 years ago. I stopped many times to take notes about the scenery, as I am still working on a memoir about that trip.

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    Felsenthal Wildlife Refuge

    Meeting with Kim Cooley on the campus of Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi made my day! :) Kim Cooley
    A Piggly Wiggly supermarket in Iuka, Mississippi. Piggly Wiggly
    I had lunch with Melissa at Gus's Fried Chicken in downtown Memphis.

    Melissa is a prominent TV news reporter and anchor. If you watch the news, you might recognize her! :)))

    Special thanks to the Smith Family in the Memphis suburbs for hosting me for two nights. Their two youngest kids, Sydney and Carter, are a lot of fun! :)
    As I was leaving, Sydney gave me a card that she made.

    She wrote: To Crazy Steve, From Sydney. You are the craziest ever! :)

    Pink Card Pink Card

    Pink Card

    On the way back, I had dinner with Shawn Martin of Topeka, Kansas. His fantasy football team, the Flea Flickers, won the championship that year!

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    Shawn Martin

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