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ARKANSAS RIVER KAYAKING! Photos Of Kayakers And Web Cam In Salida, Colorado - June 21, 2006

Arkansas River Web Cam The Arkansas River Play Park web cam ... Woo-hoo!

Today after hosting my Wednesday morning radio show titled "The Colorado Coffee Club" on 106.9 KHEN in Salida, I visited the very interesting "play park" for kayakers on the Arkansas River. The city of Salida has done a great job of promoting the river in ways that kayakers and onlookers can enjoy the recreational value of it.

I want to thank my friends who captured a photo of myself standing around on the edge of the river. It was indeed an enjoyable morning, and I must say, those kayakers have really inspired me to maybe take the sport of kayaking more seriously. ;)

This is the third web cam sighting I've done this summer. My two others have been: Downtown Telluride and Monarch Pass. Hee hee! It's been a lot of fun visiting web cams, and stay tuned to the front page to learn of the next one I visit! :)

-Steve :)

The Arkansas River Play Park in Salida, Colorado ... (June 21, 2006)
Arkanasas River The main view of the Arkansas River Play Park standing below and sort of in front of the web cam.
Arkanasas River You can see the web cam in the upper right hand corner of this photo, and the direct link to the cam is on this site:
Arkanasas River I set the timer on my camera for this one. :)
This friendly guy in yellow definitely put on a show! :)

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    Kayak Play Park
    Kayak Play Park
    This girl in blue was quite talented as well. I must say, I was very impressed with how she handled turning upside down and sort of floated just a bit before turning back over.
    Arkansas River I think these are used as kind of a slalom competition for kayakers. With the Arkansas River running through it in it's infancy and childhood stages, Chaffee County is definitely known as one of the most popular spots for kayaking and river rafting!
    One more shot of the play park.
    Arkanasas River Web Cam
    Arkanasas River Web Cam
    Two shots of me from the web cam. :)

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