Arkansas Razorbacks Football Game - Arkansas 33, South Carolina 16

Photos From Our Attendance at a Hogs College Football Game. Wooo Pig Soouie! :) - November 7, 2009

Video - Arkansas Razorback Touchdown

This video covers the 2 yard TD run by Broderick Green that made the score (with the PAT) Arkansas 24, South Carolina 16 in the third quarter. Go Hogs!
Arkansas 33, South Carolina 16

Although I had many memorable moments from my trip to Arkansas, cheering the Hogs to victory at Razorback Stadium was the best highlight. That's right ... I go *HOG WILD* over those Razorbacks. Wooooooooooo... Pig! Sooooooouie! :)

Enjoy the adjacent video that includes the view from our seats and us fans cheering after the Hogs scored a touchdown! In the photo gallery below are pictures taken before and during the game.

Attending an Arkansas football game every fall has become an annual tradition. -Steve :)

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Arkansas Razorbacks Apparel Photos

The attendees were myself, Jamie, Charles and Dan (who took the picture).

Arkansas Razorbacks Bus Love this Arkansas Razorbacks bus! I want to drive this all over Colorado with those flags waving! :)
Tailgaters Before the game, we met both parents of the starting quarterbacks (Ryan Mallett and Stephen Garcia) of Arkansas and South Carolina. They were tailgating together! I thought that was neat.

Earlier in the morning, I had breakfast with "Uncle Trent" who is also the uncle of Razorbacks QB Ryan Mallett (#15) and a high school football coach in Conway. I really should have gotten a picture with him, because he had many interesting things to say, including how he coached Cleveland Browns fullback Peyton Hillis (a former Razorback) when he was in middle school.

Razorbacks Football

Razorbacks Stadium

Arkansas Razorbacks Football Game

Arkansas Razorbacks Football

Woooooooooo! PIG! SOOOOUIE!

Adjacent are four photos of the stadium and field. We sat in Section 515 which is in the far upper deck. Such a great time with so many loud and boisterous Hogs fans. By the end of the game, my voice was hoarse from all the yelling! :)

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    One more time, let's call the hogs...

    Woooooooooo! PIG! SOOOOUIE! Razorbacks! :)

  • Arkansas Razorbacks Fans Dan captured this great photo of Charles, myself and Jamie. We look so happy, don't we? :)
    Arkansas Razorbacks Fans

    Razorbacks Fans

    Look at all that red Arkansas Razorbacks apparel!

    I know I was a little bold with the second photo as many looked my way when I snapped the picture, but I was profoundly touched by the "sea of red" I frequently saw at this event! :)

    Razorbacks License Plate One more photo... a Razorbacks license plate in Rogers, Arkansas at the hotel. :)

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