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Arkansas Razorbacks Apparel - Steve's Fashion Show

Photo Gallery And Video Of My Arkansas Razorbacks Shirts, Hoodie and Jacket - June 2, 2010

Video - Arkansas Razorbacks Fashion Show

I know... I know... it's bad in so many ways.`

Frequently I receive comments about my Arkansas Razorbacks apparel I proudly wear in these mountains of Colorado. Today, I made a tribute page to all of my Arkansas clothing with photos and a video. I had an Arkansas Razorbacks Fashion Show!

In all, I have six Razorback shirts. I bought five last year, during my annual pilgrimage to Arkansas when I attended the 2009 Razorbacks football game when Arkansas soundly defeated South Carolina 33-16.

Go get 'em Hogs! Go Arkansas! Go Razorbacks! Wooooooo! Pig! Sooouie!

Arkansas Razorbacks Shirt
My Arkansas Razorbacks Shirts

I bought this sharp bright red Razorbacks shirt at the Wal-Mart in Rogers, Arkansas.

Arkansas Razorbacks Hoodie I love this hoodie so much! It fits great, keeps me warm and is top quality.
When I announced my candidacy for mayor of Johnson Village, Colorado, I wore this deep red Razorbacks shirt. Gotta love the Hogs logo! :)
A gray t-shirt with a smaller Razorback logo and "Arkansas" above. A nice casual shirt to wear with jeans.
This is my oldest Razorbacks item in my wardrobe, a red crew neck shirt. I bought this in 2005 at a Arkansas souviner shop near Eureka Springs.
Arkansa Razorbacks Jacket Last but not least, this is my Arkansas jacket with long zipper and pockets. I wear this all the time! I bought this at Hog Heaven, a retail store in Fayetteville.

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