Arkansas High Point - Mount Magazine

Photos & Video Of My Visit To Mt. Magazine State Park Near Paris, Arkansas - November 9, 2009

Signal Hill at Magazine Mountain - The Arkansas High Point
Although maps call it Magazine Mountain, the term "Mt. Magazine" is what seems to be most commonly used as the name of the Arkansas high point. Magazine Mountain spans horizontally across west central Arkansas, and Signal Hill is the highest point on this mountain at 2,753 feet in elevation.

The entrance and visitor center of Mt. Magazine State Park is located on Highway 309 between Paris, AR and Havana, AR. It is a short hike in the woods -- only 0.4 miles from the parking lot -- to reach to Signal Hill.

Mt. Magazine Arkansas High Point
There are benches for people to sit and enjoy the scenery, and a concrete monument that's shaped like the state of Arkansas.

This visit was the finale of my 4-day trip to Arkansas to hike, see old and new friends, attend a Razorbacks football game and get away for awhile. My two pages from this visit: Buffalo National River and Arkansas Razorbacks Football Game.

Mount Magazine, AR
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Cameron Bluff Overlook
The high point is covered with tall trees that block the views out yonder, but don't worry, there are plenty of ridges and bluffs in other areas of the park. Less than a mile from Signal Hill is Cameron Bluff Overlook, where the photo above was taken.

Extra Photos From The Day

This is called an Arkansas Razorback Smasher which I bought at Hog Heaven, a store dedicated to Razorbacks gear in Rogers. :)
Arkansas Flag
The Arkansas flag.
Christmas Tree
It was November 9, and the Mount Magazine park visitor center already their Christmas tree up!
Oklahoma Sunset
Sunset colors in the sky over Tulsa, Oklahoma that evening. Sadly, I was returning home at this point. :(

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