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Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

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Arizona Sonora Desert Museum


January 7, 2007 - I had only been in Tucson for 24 hours when my friend Joel suggested we visit the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum west of the city. This is located near the entrance to Saguaro National Park West.
Arizona The museum and grounds are situated west of the Tucson Mountains amidst beautiful desert and cactus.
Agave Arizona Joel (left) is a "regular" on the Cactus Lovers Forum and generously showed me all around this great city of Tucson. It was so warm for an early January day. In the right photo, that's me beside a big ol' prickly pear with saguaros and mountains behind.

Joshua Tree Arizona
Organ Pipe Cactus
The museum gives a lot of information about the Sonora Desert, which encompasses much of southern Arizona.

Adjacent are some unique cacti on their grounds...

TOP: Creeping Devil
MIDDLE LEFT: Joshua Tree
MIDDLE RIGHT: Not sure what that is.
BOTTOM: Organ Pipe Cactus

Snake Javelina
Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Hummingbird
I was mainly interested in viewing the cacti and taking in the Arizona sun, but they did have quite an array of creatures that live in the desert, including snakes (top left), javelinas (top right), falcons (bottom left) and hummingbirds (right).
Steve in Arizona A photo of myself with a Arizona barrel cactus. At the park, it was in the lower 70's, in stark contrast to the windy and cloudy 20-degree weather in Buena Vista, Colorado that afternoon. ;)
Pin Cushion Cactus Steve in Arizona I know this was odd, but I felt compelled to pet the pincushion cactus, and yes, unlike most people who fake it, I really did touch and pet it. I don't mess around! :p)

I invite you to visit my Kiss a Cactus page! :)
Arizona Saguaro Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
Saguaro Arizona
Ahhhhh, but the "star" of the Arizona desert is clearly the saguaro. Here are a few assorted photos; The top right is the parking lot of the museum.

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