Arizona Scenery

Photos of Arizona Desert Scenery And Saguaro Cactus From My Arizona Vacation

Arizona Scenery Photos - My Visit To Arizona (February-March 2012)
I was so blessed to spend one week in Phoenix, Arizona for a well-needed sanity break. Good friends hosted me with a spare guest room in their home, and they gave me rides in their limousine and Pinzgauer. So much fun!

On this page are some of my better Arizona scenery photos. I did much hiking, and found myself traveling east of Apache Junction many days to wander among saguaros in the desert. In this top section are my three favorite photos.
Arizona Saguaro Cactus
A group of saguaros near Superior, Arizona.

Another large cluster of saguaro cactus along the Arizona Trail.

Arizona Sunset
An Arizona sunset. Photo taken near the entrance of the Phoenix Botanic Gardens.

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Arizona Trail

Arizona Hike

Arizona Scenery

One morning, a friend and I hiked on the Arizona Trail near Superior, AZ (south of U.S. Highway 60).

The region is lush with saguaro, ocotillo, cholla, yucca, prickly pear and many other cactus and desert plants.

Arizona Desert Scenery Nothing beats Arizona scenery. Nothing!
The shadow of myself and fellow hiker Tricia.
Hike In Arizona An excellent photo of Tricia as we hiked miles into the desert.
Picketpost Mountain Arizona

Picketpost Mountain, Arizona

The Arizona Trail went beside the west side of Picketpost Mountain. Part of our motivation to hike was to investigate the trail that led to its summit.

Adjacent are two photos ... but keep scrolling down to hit the link that leads to our full hike report of this glorious mountain.

Saguaro Cactus Arms Large saguaros and their arms.
Tall Saguaro Cactus Tall Saguaro Two really tall saguaros.

One can't grasp how tall they are unless someone stands next to them. Mind you, I'm 6 foot 1 and standing in the left photo. And Tricia is about 5 foot 5 in the right photo.

The all-time tallest saguaro I've ever seen was in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

Dromedary Peak, AZ On my final afternoon in Phoenix, I traveled east beyond Apache Junction and Florence Junction to a dirt road near Dromedary Peak. Next time I visit Arizona, I hope to summit this mountain. :)
Hedgehog Cactus

Prickly Pear Cactus

Thorny Cactus

Pretty cactus.
Arizona Desert Scenery It was unusually cloudy for an Arizona day, but that didn't stop the winter heat from coming through. It reached 86 degrees on this early March day.

The lighting was poor, but I love the composition of cactus in the adjacent photo.

Saguaro Cacti I drove home via the route that goes from Phoenix to Payson. Here's one shot of saguaros beside the highway.

Silly Mountain, AZ

Three Arizona Hikes

Silly Mountain - Yes, this mountain is silly and a fairly easy hike. But I recommend it as an enjoyable trail outside of Apache Junction.

Piestewa Peak, AZ Piestewa Peak - Formerly named Squaw Peak, Piestewa Peak is an excellent 1.2 mile climb to the top of a mountain in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve.
Picketpost Mountain, Arizona Picketpost Mountain - The grand daddy hike of my visit. Picketpost Mountain was formerly a volcano and stands prominently to the west of Superior. You can't miss this geological beast from U.S. Highway 60.

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